As in "Maynkraft" make the kitchen without mods and additions!

Of course, everyone wants to build his house in the "Maynkraft."Users explore the territory, collect materials and fantasizing.So the question arises: "How to" Maynkraft "make the kitchen?"The problem is all that currently make "dining" is not so simple.Let's see what you need.

First Steps

first phase, which now have to go - is the collection of materials for buildings.What do we need?To begin with - button.It's a pretty important thing, which is a kind of activator.In nature, it is impossible to find them.But you can create the necessary amount of the item is using the rubble.

Where to find them?Cobblestone is obtained when working with stone blocks.Find a field of stone, and then pick a sword or destroy "cubes".In return, you get a resource that will help you answer, as in "Maynkraft" make the kitchen.But what to do with the buttons when nothing else?Let's see what else we need to get.


Well, the kitchen "maynkraft" - a room that is quite difficult to create.In addition to the heap of buttons we need hatches.Later, you'll learn why.To begin with let's see where you can get this thing.

Like button, the hatch - a thing that was originally available in the world.It will have to do yourself.So have patience, time and effort if you are thinking about how to "Maynkraft" make the kitchen.We'll have to sweat to get it at the highest level.

to create the hatch you need wood.A lot.Get this stuff can be anywhere and everywhere.Just chop trees.They make firewood and poles that need to be processed into boards and combine.After that you have in your inventory will be based on the hatches.In order to respond, how to build a kitchen in "Maynkraft" I have to stock up on such items 3-4.Well, there are buttons, hatches - too.But how are we to obtain the necessary room?Let's deal.

colored wool

However, we forgot about another material which will be needed in the construction.This multi-colored wool.Where to get it?Really it is necessary once again to craft from scrap materials?Nearly.

Plain white wool is obtained after you shave the sheep.So feel like a farmer and type of cattle from his coat.In addition, it can be obtained by collecting three pieces of thread.But where to take fur color?

You have to paint a plain white wool using dye.It can knock out of the squid.If you're lucky, you may even meet a black sheep.With her black hair is obtained.Once all of the materials you already have, you need to proceed to the process of construction.


So if you are thinking about how to "Maynkraft" make the kitchen, collected all the necessary items and are ready to get down to business, we can begin.First of all, create the microwave.Go to the room that will be our kitchen, and place a bale of wool in the right place.Next, place the button on it as if it were a pen.Now do

refrigerator.We place a few bales of wool and attach them to the form of our technology.Now attach the button in places where there should be a pen.In principle, all - our fridge ready.

Next of wooden planks and hatches make cabinets and lockers.Now look what you got.As you can see, the first steps have already been taken.We need to figure out what resources you have left over, then you can proceed with the construction of the remaining furniture.

order for a long time to suffer, you can download any mod that allows you to quickly create tables and chairs in different designs.Otherwise it is necessary to design them with a fence and push the panels.When the parting all the furniture in its place, then you will see what has become a common bathroom.Now you know how to "Maynkraft" make the kitchen!