The temperature in April in Egypt.

Most of Egypt associates with summer or winter holidays.In early June, it comes the time for vacations, and at the end of the year - a huge number of events, respectively, of output.It is that time is the best to travel.But few who are wondering about what the temperature in April in Egypt or, for example, in November.


fact that the influx of tourists for the New Year and the summer is so great that the city become like anthills.This vacation may not appeal to people who prefer the comfort and quietness.Therefore it is necessary to choose the right vacation spot at this resort, as well as the time of year.

Egypt is in the subtropics - an opportunity to year-round beach holiday.So if you had the chance to visit this country when there is a large influx of tourists (such as holidays in Egypt in April), do not give up on this.

to rest at any time of the year will be spectacular, just to consider the nuances of each season.

Egypt beach holiday in April

Yet each year in Egypt decided to allocate two periods: the cold and warm.The cold period - from November to March.

April - the beginning of the warm season, it's a great chance to go for a vacation, but do not face a huge number of tourists.

only feature - an estimation of the weather.Few people know that the local people used to live in such a hot climate.For us, the heat - a rare phenomenon, it is the concept of using only the best, the hottest days of summer.Here the concept of "heat" - it's just a slight warming.So do not be afraid to come to the "cold" season.Conversely, if you do not want to be in very hot conditions - winter it is time for the rest of your time in Egypt.

temperature in April in Egypt will be the most optimal for the rest it is in its usual perception.

warmest resort in the month of April

worth designate another feature of holiday in Egypt.The fact that due to the climatic conditions of the geographic position to rest in different places are also different.

Therefore, the temperature in April in Egypt at various resorts can differ.Especially considering the fact that in April - the first month of "warm" season.

At all times of the year is the hottest resort in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Weather in Egypt in April

main feature of the weather in this month is that the temperature difference between night and day is not so great at other times of the year.You do not feel a strong drop, which adversely affect your health.

At this time, the wind is already warm and the water is warmed up enough to enjoy swimming.The water temperature in April in Egypt, usually not lower than 21 degrees.

As for the weather, the temperature on the coast ranges from 24 to 35 degrees, so you can choose the most favorable temperature for the rest and go to the right for this resort.

In April, the solstice is about ten hours a day, so this month will saturate the body with vitamin D, which is so lacking in the winter.Furthermore, at this time a comfortable temperature in the sea water.Egypt (April it will be a month or another) is worth a visit anyway.

Weather in Egypt for April

As already mentioned, different resorts have different weather conditions.Therefore, the temperature in April in Egypt can drop to ten degrees, which is also taken into account when planning their vacation.

Earlier this month, may quite noticeable changes in temperature, but it is only at night that, in general, too favorably.At night, you can cool off from the heat of the day and to sleep.It

about this feature overlooked by many tourists, and then, when faced with this problem, vacation leave is not very pleasant memories.Also, this feature should be taken into account budget tourists, those who do not have the possibility to stay in air-conditioned.It was in April, the weather is so favorable, that dream will be a great joy for the simple tourist.

Since mid-April the weather is more stable, and becomes noticeably warmer.But some unbearable heat should not be expected, so it should not worry.

also starts from the middle of the month the most favorable period for sightseeing.This nuance is also worth considering if you want to even the most interesting holiday.As a rule, involve the whole day trips in the street, in a very hot time unbearable.

When nice weather for a walk on the street, then opened so tempting an opportunity to see a lot of colorful locations, make a lot of excursions, as well as participate in various entertainment programs.

As for the temperature at the end of the month, it can reach 33 degrees.It starts the heat, and gathers a lot of tourists.

fact, it is precisely at this time, tourists from Europe come to rest during the Catholic Easter, and our people are trying to relax before the May holidays, or during them.Therefore, the influx of tourists - it is for many not very favorable phenomenon.The beginning and the middle of April - the best time to holiday in Egypt in the spring.

Features vacation in Egypt sandstorms

Few people know that Egypt at the beginning of the spring opens the so-called period of sandstorms.

fact that dust brought by the southwest desert may penetrate completely in any place, even in the smallest gap.At that time you will be able to meet the very dusty air, which often mention first-class service, but do not despair.These sandstorms occur only a few times a month and you will not be disturbed.

Planning a holiday in Egypt in April - the right decision, it was at this time of the possibility of such storms is reduced.Chances are that you do not encounter a storm on the way.

Resorts, located on the Red Sea, did not differ changeable weather is dominated by warm winds and storms and did not reach here.

Weather in Egypt in April - the blagoprityanoe time for a beach holiday!