Types and purpose processor

Virtually every detail on your computer is extremely important, and should deprive the motherboard of a component, you can eventually find the computer completely broken, even if was seized some little thing.This applies in particular to the processor, because this seemingly insignificant detail of their dimensions, the PC is the brain of any computer, although not all correctly understand the purpose of the processor.

First of all, choosing these components, should pay their attention to the speed of execution of tasks, because depending on the power of the element itself will depend on the speed of processing and execution of various commands.But in general should initially understand what is the purpose of the processor and what it represents.

What is it?

The CPU is designed to handle the code.In other words, the purpose of processing is to perform all fluff associated with the processing of data, as well as the management of various peripherals.Among the main characteristics of this element is to provide:

  • clock;
  • bit;
  • performance.

These characteristics have a direct impact on the cost of the device, but do not forget about such factors as brand, because often it is also quite important.

It affects each option?

Performance is responsible for a number of operations can be performed per second, as well as the appointment of the CPU is processing the data, it is for him is extremely important.Clock speed is measured in MHz.The time interval between two pulses is equal to one clock cycle, resulting in the more efficient models of processors you use, the less it will need cycles to perform certain actions.Limit the amount of data that can process and transmit the microprocessor at the same time - a bit.

What are they?

initially were single core processors.That is, when run on a computer at the same time several procedures, it seemed that the processor is engaged in the implementation of all these actions at the same time, but in reality all the actions carried out in turn, just for each operation was spent only a few fractions of a second.

main purpose processor with two cores have been greatly expanded, since all problems were solved at the same time, not to mention how productive today are devices equipped with four or six cores.But do not be fooled into thinking that the number of cores directly impacts the power and speed of your computer, because we should not forget that, and other parameters that depend on which processors can have an appointment.Feature clock and bit - it's also a pretty important parameters, which definitely need to pay attention when choosing such devices.

addition, modern processors are distributed among themselves by producers.For decades, are battles between fans of devices from Intel and AMD, but none of the companies to date not been able to prove that its brand is definitely the best.

Also, considering that some processors have the purpose and species is to provide software systems that are also in this way.In particular we will focus on the text and table utilities.


Appointment word processor - it's writing or the subsequent modification of various documents, as well as the layout of the text layout.Also, these utilities are used to preview documents in the form in which they should be printed.

It is worth noting that the appointment of a word processor today is much different from what features these devices have had only a few years ago.After all, before they could just type and print text, while today it is available font and paragraph formatting, spelling, create tables and insert a variety of graphic images.

best-known type of processor is Microsoft Word.Assignment of Word lies in typing, as well as its improvement and spelling.With a comprehensive functionality, as well as the fact that the tool is initially in the operating system Windows, it is now so popular.


Appointment spreadsheet - is to work with a variety of spreadsheets.Initially, these tools provide for the processing of two-dimensional tables exclusively filled with a variety of numerical data.However, over time, began to emerge various utilities, which are included in addition to tables and graphics, text and a number of other multimedia elements that enhance the basic purpose spreadsheet.

As in the previous case, the most widespread program Microsoft Excel.Appointment Excel spreadsheet is to perform a set of tasks, but primarily with the help of this software to carry out various calculations.Since ancient times, the predominant majority of the calculations carried out exactly in tabular form, in connection with which such programs to date are extremely popular.

various applications spreadsheet provided by the fact that in today's software uses an extremely wide range of instruments, which includes a variety of mathematical functions that allow for highly sophisticated financial, statistical and other calculations.

How to choose?

Lest you make a mistake and bought a really good device that would fully meet your needs, you should consider options such as:

  • high clock frequency;
  • cores;
  • system bus frequency;
  • system cache size;
  • type cooler.

Depending on the number of nuclei changes the likelihood that your processor will be able to pull some games of the last generation, or the latest tools designed to work with a variety of 3D-models.The system bus has a direct impact on the performance of the equipment, not less important is the size of the system cache, as it kept the code and all necessary user information.Thus, the more high-speed memory will be, the more productive will be the device itself.

It is equally important to pay attention to the quality set by the cooler, because by purchasing the latest models of CPU, but not providing them with the necessary cooling, eventually you run the risk not only did not get the pleasure of modern games, but also to run into the sudden replacement of the componentwhich will begin with the permanent shutdown of the computer.

Which manufacturer?

If you are interested in most cases, a variety of pre-emptive video game, in which case you should make a choice in favor of processors AMD, as they differ much more compatible with modern video cards.It is worth noting that the cost of such devices with the same characteristics of the order of magnitude smaller compared to devices from rival companies.

If you are interested in multi-tasking, in that case you should pay attention to the proposals from the company Intel.Since the processors from this company operate on the order more quickly and efficiently, and are more clock speed compared to the previous, users often prefer it to them.But in fact, we should not forget that the cost of these components by approximately 40% compared with the proposals from AMD, with similar characteristics.

Intel Core i3

Intel Core i3 - a processor, purpose and possibilities of which an order of magnitude ahead of similar models of its time.It was a new generation of dual-core processor, designed for entry-level PCs.The device comes with an integrated memory controller.It is worth noting that there is such processors embedded controller model PCI Express 2.0 x16, and it is due to a graphics accelerator can be connected directly to the CPU.For all models of this type of standard clock frequency is 133 MHz.

Intel Core i5

This series of processors is different advanced intelligent performance that dramatically increases if there is a need for implementation of the various demanding applications.Such devices can be fully automatically distribute the available power between the processes depending on the objectives and needs of the user.

It is worth noting that in addition to this series of dual-core and quad-core models were the last generation, and the devices themselves are widely used to this day in mainstream PCs.The processors use dual-channel built-in memory whose voltage is only 1.6 V. As in the previous case, this processor is used exactly the same built-in controller and graphics card in x16 mode, can be connected directly to the chip in those models where there is a built-in graphicskernel GMA HD.In order to ensure an optimal start-intensive applications, this line processor decided to implement technology Turbo Boost, in which the power boost clock if necessary.

Intel Core i7

This series of processors includes a quad-core and six-core device.This equipment represents the latest generation of processors, which are used in personal computers of the highest class.