How to lose weight by 5 kg in the past month?

In early spring, so want to be slim and light.Possible!Get rid of excess of 5 kg in just one month!And for the May holidays will be in the form.

If your goal - to lose 4-5 kg, you're already on the right track.Most people are willing to immediately get rid of 10 kg, and also in the past month.Of course, they fail, give up on diet and exercise.As a result, the motivation for the next breakthrough in the weight loss becomes very weak.In addition, the loss of just 10, and even 15 kg - is not always possible with the help of a healthy diet, and poor health are unlikely to make up for the lost joy of the extra kilos.

Resolved: losing weight at first only 5 kg.How to achieve this?

calorie intake

to lose up to 5 kg a month, you should consume about 1,500 calories a day.For many people, this means that the day should eat less than usual, about 1000 calories!It scares.It is clear that hunger will be significant.Therefore, pre-buy a lot of vegetables, herbs, foods low in carbohydrates.With this diet yo

u can eat fairly large portions, make good snacks.

lot of water

to lose weight by 5 kg a month, you need to replace coffee, sugary juices and sodas to ordinary water.This will remove from the diet of hundreds of calories without causing hunger.Drink every day, at least 3 liters of water, and most importantly - drink a full glass of water in the morning (as soon as you get up from the bed).

daily meals

First, get rid of high-calorie condiments, nutritive oils, sauces and so on. This does not add a famine, but deliver us from the excess calories.Second, you should know that a diet the body will need energy.Therefore, having a good healthy breakfast - a priority.Eating should be every 3-4 hours.Dinner - the minimum amount of food intake.

Daily exercise

hour of intense aerobic exercise each day to lose 5kg in a month.Choose those exercises that you like the most: running, swimming, cycling.The key factor - the intensity of the load, that is, simply walking or jogging will not do.We need a cross-country or accelerations.When we talk daily, it is meant at least 5 consecutive days plus two weekends (but better - one output).

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