The credit for starting a business: the truth as it is

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Many dream start to develop their own business.However, it is possible to only a few.Why is that?Among the most frequent causes, experts note the lack of motivation, lack of confidence, inability to properly plan the business.But the most common reason is, oddly enough, the lack of money.Almost any business at the initial stage of development requires certain investments.But where to find the spare cash?

safest option - to find a lender from among their friends and relatives.But not everyone has such people.It remains the second option - to go to the bank and get a loan to start a business there.But is it all that simple?Try to understand.

Why credit for starting a business is difficult to obtain?After all, such problems hardly arise when it comes to real estate loan or, say, cars.The answer to this question is obvious: the bank can not be sure that the money will not be lost, and the project will pay for itself.Practice shows that many novice entrepreneurs is simply not able to assess all possible risks.However, in recent years, domestic banks are more willing to cooperate with small and medium-sized businesses.

Who has a chance to get a loan to start a business?Statistics show that all banks are loyal to credit enterprises of light industry, furniture manufacturers.The "honor roll" hit and service businesses (bars, cafes, hairdressers, etc.).They also supportive to the hauliers.This is due to the fact that they often take out a loan just to buy a car, which in the case of failure can be the key.

great influence on the decision to provide the loan purpose.The easiest situation is with loans to purchase real estate (warehouses, offices, retail outlets).In second place after the property is transport and production equipment, which can also serve as collateral in case of emergency redemption.The most difficult to account for those businessmen who are looking for money for business development and working capital.In this case, they usually have to lay the previously acquired property.

But to get a loan to start a business very few people can.Before you give money, the bank wants to make sure that it really makes a profit.That is expect to receive them can only be entrepreneurs who worked for more than 3 months in service and more than 6 - in production.

However, not everyone has the property that can be used as collateral.How to get a loan to start a business for those who have no suitable real estate, equipment or transportation?At the forefront in this situation leaves the presence of guarantors.In this role can perform any individual that can provide an income statement or confirmation of the presence of his suitable property.If you find yourself unable to pay the debt, these charges will be borne by your guarantor.

But most importantly - remember that to go to the bank and arrange a loan to open a small business is only in the case of a 100% certainty of success conceived!