What advice and what it is

active life allows you to accumulate a large baggage of experience in various spheres of life of each person.And there comes a time when your acquaintance, friend or anyone else asks to know or talk about something.You are in this case, share their experiences and talking about how best to do, what decision will be bad in a particular situation.That is how the process of the board.That is, what advice?This statement of opinion about a certain situation, and the source itself must decide whether to take it into account or not.It is not an order that your friend should definitely listen to and perform.The interviewee decides whether you are competent enough in this matter, to take for granted your experience.And depending on whether you want to help someone who asks your advice, or hurt, useful tips and distinguish those that better beware.

Other meanings of the word "CouncilĀ»

Just the word "council" referred to a meeting that is to discuss any issue at work and in the family circle.Also under the Council understand the various forms of state or political activity.So, can serve as examples of the UN Council or the Council of the Institute, the Pedagogical Council or the Military Council.And what is the Council earlier, a couple of centuries ago?Even today, at weddings wish that the couple lived in a council but love.That is called the consent of the Board, the friendship with the family or among relatives.

What is "bad advice"?

person may advise you something that is not in the two cases.Either this is done unconsciously, nonspecial, but simply out of ignorance of the new, more accurate information in a certain matter, or it is purposeful harm.Man, knowing that you can turn to him for advice, can take advantage of this situation.We can only hope that the interference will be minimal and just some prank.But there are times when bad advice led to serious errors, bordering on a serious danger.

tips about treatment

should be especially careful to treat various tips regarding your health.Treatment may appoint a doctor.If you are not sure of the competence of a particular specialist, it is better to go through a consultation with another, third, fourth, health professional - only those people who have the education, the reputation and the good doctor can really help.No need to be treated only by means of people's councils.How many have been cases where people can survive, but did not use medication that offers the official medicine.The same advice for children - about their nutrition, education, dressing and other things.On this subject, the discussion should be carried out only with people who are competent and adequate information.No need to listen to every grandmother that climb with their advice in your life - you need to have your head on your shoulders.

analysis of the situation and a lot of advisors

After all, what advice?Man just share with you my knowledge.You do not have to follow this advice absolutely not thinking to go ahead, not at all.You can take this information and analyze the situation, already having different data.No need to consult with one person, it is best to ask a couple of people who can help you with your questions.Collect as much information and even then do as you see fit.

examples of good and bad advice

Useful tips can give even completely unknown people.For example, you are in the supermarket and choose a product.Nearby stands a woman who sees in your hand and says a certain thing that took her the day before, and the quality was not very good.Taste so good, or something else.You can listen to the woman's advice and do not take this product and pick it analogue, but the other firm.Or do not believe and choose to check the quality in person.If the product was really not very good, the Women's Council has been helpful.You tested this empirically, if you still believe and have the best product, in any case, what piece of advice?This is useful information, and it was given to you.But the situation is different.Your child had a cold.The common cold, and a bit of a fever.Neighbour grandmother immediately advised to wrap the baby warmly, drink hot teas with different herbs, put mustard plasters, banks soar legs and the like.But medicine has long been proven that when the light too cold to heat the human body is not recommended.The child must be in a cool, fresh room, it is often necessary to drink warm drinks, not to burden the body with plenty of food, and should be given as a supplement or a vitamin C complex set of vitamins.Thus, the body itself will fight the disease and develop immunity.Heating of the child in this case will lead to the rapid spread of infection in the body due to the accelerated circulation, in the worst case can lead to more severe forms of the disease, and at best - will simply take longer time course of the common cold.