How to choose flooring: tips and reviews.

comfort and cosiness in the house depends on many factors.Significant role in this play flooring.As a rule, all the floors have the same foundation - concrete or cement-concrete floor.Such a surface is often coated chipboard panels or sheets of plywood.But how to choose a topcoat that it meets all the requirements to a particular room?Today, finishing materials for the floor on the market in a huge range.In this article we will tell you more about them.

Parquet or parquet?

This is perhaps one of the oldest flooring.Parquet - solid sticks of wood.It is laid on the previously leveled floor with one of a plurality of ways and is coated with several layers of lacquer.With proper care, such flooring will last more than one generation of owners.

Parquet board - this is a more modern finish.Such boards (lamellae) have a length of 2.5 m, a width of 200 mm.Parquet board consists of three layers.Top stacked veneer, made of fine wood.For the middle and lower layers are used conifers.Lacquered applied to the plant is maintained up to 15 years.

Floorings for which prices can be very high (block parquet) or readily available, suitable for different areas.For example, it makes no sense to lay flooring in the hallway, where it will be subjected to high loads.In addition, on dirty shoes, he could suffer: there are scratches and bald spots.Wash it can not be as often as required by the floors in the hallway, especially with the use of detergents.And this is not the most important thing.In order to lay parquet in a standard hall, you will need at least $ 500.

Floorings: laminate

Laminate - a multi-layer coating.Its basis is a fiberboard.On the basis of stacked paper layer coated with a pattern, which pattern may simulate different types of wood.It protects the layer of lacquer.Laminate is shared by the degree of durability of 6 classes.For home use suitable samples 21, 22, 23th grade.Stronger - 31, 32, 33 nd class - it considered to be commercial.They are used for shops, offices, clinics, and so on. D.

cheapest laminate is 5-7 years old, more expensive types - 15. Lay laminate flooring is easy.With that can handle even a novice in the construction work.Today, many well-known manufacturers of this material release glueless laminate samples that resemble the assembly during installation designer.

Let's talk about the price.Laminate 23rd class is from 14 to 17 dollars per square meter, more durable 31 th grade will cost not less $ 20 per square meter.Laminate collection of reconstituted costs an average of $ 25 per square meter, adhesive-free cover - 20-26 dollars.

Vinyl flooring

building materials market is developing rapidly.This applies not only to foreign manufacturers, but also domestic.Almost every year on the construction market, new flooring.They are noticeably better quality than their predecessors.These include a new use vinyl flooring.

This cover is easy installation, reliability and moisture resistance.This floor can be safely installed in the bathroom.

Benefits material

Such floorings have a high wear resistance in comparison with a conventional laminate, as for the production of PVC is used quartz chips.This material is ideal for areas with high traffic due to its high performance properties.Layers, its components, at very high temperatures fuse and form a coherent whole.Therefore, if you choose flooring for the kitchen, pay attention to this stuff.

Vinyl flooring anti-allergenic, so suitable for people who suffer from hypersensitivity to certain substances.They are available in three types:

- adhesive.Mounted with a special mounting adhesive;

- adhesive.Such lamella glue already applied in the factory;

- locking with a locking system installation.

cost of such products - from 1800 to 2490 rubles per square meter.


This is one of the latest developments of manufacturers of floor coverings.It is made from the bark of the cork oak, which grows mainly in Portugal.There's the whole plantation of trees.

cork oak - survivor.He lives about 200 years.When he turns 30 years old, he is considered to be an adult.Since then manually removed from a crust, thus not causing damage to the tree.This is done at intervals of about 9 years.It is this time must pass to complete the regeneration process, and there are new layers of bark.

collection crust produced about 20 times during the life of the oak.After collection it is sorted and sent to the production department.They made certain steps to improve its qualitative characteristics.Six months it was kept outdoors.

Texture cork resembles honeycomb.One square centimeter of up to 40 million cells.They are filled with a gas mixture composition resembling air.This makes the material unique: it has improved thermal, acoustic, insulation, eco-friendly and anti-static.

Cork flooring - a multi-layered structure.Within each panel has a water-resistant plate with embedded lock.Top plate is a decorative veneer, covered with 6 layers of lacquer.The lower layer - it is a technical cork, allows to lay coating without the use of the substrate.Cork flooring improve soundproofing.In the room where laid this floor, there is no echo.It is very elastic and elastic material.It is completely restored when the load is removed (for example, when moving furniture).

This is an ideal flooring for children's rooms.This floor does not rot, because it does not absorb moisture, so it can be safely stacked in the kitchen.This coating has another unique feature.It repels dust and does not support combustion.


This cover fits as easily as laminate.The panels are assembled for floating and fixed a lock on any flat, dry and clean surface.With this kind of work and cope nonprofessional builder.

Variety design

collections of this material are diverse natural textures with cork and wood veneer.The most fashionable design studios prefer to combine different textures cork with original decoration techniques.Thus, they create a very bold and original compositions.


Given the advantages enjoyed by cork flooring, the price is quite attractive.Beautiful and durable cork flooring will cost no more than 1500 rubles per 1 m2.Regardless of the price of the material, it perfectly complements these solutions in interior decoration such as wood, plaster, wallpaper, tiles.

Customer Reviews

course, we told you just about the most popular types of flooring available today.Of course, still popular tile and linoleum, carpeting and granite.From the options presented us the most positive feedback received block parquet.Buyers say its durability, strength and beauty.However, many say that its price is too high (more than 5 thousand rubles per square meter).Therefore, many prefer the floorboard, which apparently is not always possible to distinguish from the parquet.Such a floor will not serve as long as the parquet, but the price is considerably inferior to an analog one unit.

many kind words earned the creators and producers of vinyl flooring.Of particular delight cause the cork cover, especially if they are laid in the nursery or bedroom.They are warm, very pleasant to the touch, and their price is quite acceptable.