How to make a girl fall in love with you, five magic tips

Love - a mysterious feeling that can in no time raise a man to the skies.And at the same speed it back to earth, if the object of desire does not feel mutual sympathy.That is why a lot of guys do not dare to make the first move, afraid to experience the bitterness of disappointment.But the success rate can be improved, if you know how to make a girl fall in love with you.

Nothing complicated about it, the main thing - to learn the five basic rules.They will not only help build relationships, but also to support them throughout the entire period.Well, let's begin, perhaps, a short course on how to make a girl fall in love with you.And who knows, maybe these tips will help you find the only thing that would later become his wife.

Rule one: the impression of

first step is to make a girl draw attention to themselves, because maybe she does not even know that there is light at a great guy named Sasha and Sergei.To do this, take the first step, thus demonstrating its determination.

You can do this by using the banal "Hello" or "How are you?" Then to have a normal conversation in which to ask for a phone number or invite on a date.Along the way, try to find out that like the lady where she likes to relax and the more interested.All this is sure to come in handy in the future.

And if there is no natural talent for acting, it is not necessary to invent virtuous "rolled up" in the style of "You and I have not met before?" Or "You know, you dreamed of me today."After this scene, though it looks cool guy in the head, in reality more like clowning.

Rule two: first date the most important

So a date - this is the second step in how to make a girl fall in love with you.Again, we repeat: the first impression is very important to remember this.Dips are simply unacceptable, so act for sure.

If the first conversation you have learned preferences of women - well, then use them in full.If not, you can cheat, questioning her friends.However, this is not always possible, because not everyone wants to give the girlfriend secrets.And who would want to do and annoy ... But still worth a try.

And if such information is not available?How to make a girl fall in love, then?Well, do not panic.You can use the proven methods: the colors, the restaurant, walk around the city, a gallery or an amusement park.The main thing - not to choose a too noisy place, otherwise good dialogue fail.

Rule three: be careful what you say

man must always keep his word, or at least do everything possible to do so.Otherwise, to him will not even basic trust, what to speak about respect.Therefore, when a conversation is very important to monitor what has been said, especially on a first date.

And if you consider how to make a girl fall in love with you by correspondence, this rule becomes even more significant.After all, a lot of guys chatting can take credit for the extra quality that immediately come out sideways at the meeting.Therefore, getting to know the social networks, remember that honesty - the key to success.

Yet in private conversations should not praise himself.Not to speak of its virtues is necessary, but in moderation.For example, during a conversation corresponding to remember how to win the championship on the run, it will be very useful, but firmly hour of their success at work - this is clearly unnecessary.

humor plays a special role.All the ladies love to those who can bring a smile on their face, even in those moments when they are something gnawing.So learn to joke, for this as often as possible, see the humorous show or, in extreme cases, remember some fresh jokes.

Rule Four: freedom and control

At a time when the two become a couple, starting a new game.Now, the first opinion already established, comes the turn of checking for strength.Practical advice on how to make a girl fall in love with you, it does not pick up.It all depends on the character of the lady, and many other variables.

But there is one important factor that will influence the development of relations until its logical conclusion.This ability to balance between freedom and control.Consider in greater detail.

So, what about freedom?Firstly, you can not keep a girl on a short leash (incidentally, the same recommendation with respect to give the ladies a line of conduct with her boyfriend).She needed time to herself that she can spend on meetings with friends, shopping, beauty salons, and so on.Give it to her, and she will be infinitely grateful.And you might want to spend a little one.You should not indulge in football or party cards with friends.

What about control?It is also necessary, especially in cases where the chosen one too many currently allows.For example, a scene in public, a small amount of attention, frequent disappearances.There must either correct the situation or state of rupture.Otherwise, it will look like the eyes of a guy with a cloth, that no good end.

Rule Five: do magic

When the relationship is fastened, the question arises: how to make a girl fall in love with you forever?After all, the logical conclusion of all relationships is marriage, and marriage without love - bad idea.

actually very simple.Magic happens as often as possible.To do this, drive her out, give gifts (even if small, but nice), say compliments and do not forget to hold on tight.The only way to keep the fire of passion needed for a strong relationship.

And most importantly - love, otherwise all this will be pointless.