Where does the koala, the description and characteristics of this animal

Australia - the only place on the planet where the koala lives - unusual marsupial, like a funny teddy bear.Confuse it with another living being is impossible, so it is unique.

Koala: appearance

This medium-sized animal related to the family of marsupials, weighing 7 to 16 kg.Koalas are easily recognizable by a large broad head, which really stands out a large nose with a black back, furry ears and small eyes.

thick sable hair is short, soft, slightly darker on the back and lighter in the abdomen.This animal spends all his life in the tree, so of course he is very strong and adapted to ensure that the bow when climbing a tree.This help and sharp, long claws that can withstand the weight of the animal.Until now, scientists can not determine who the koala - bear, raccoon or something else.In zoos, home to koalas, always a large crowd of willing to look at these amazing and strange little animals.


These marsupials are found only in the southeastern part of Australia and neighboring islands.Many years ago, they inhabited the entire continent, but with the advent of settlers were driven from their ancestral places.Natives of this little animal is treated with great reverence.According to ancient legend, a giant ancestor of the koala has helped to get people on the continent.

Forest, home to koalas, mostly tropical and subtropical.Usually these animals settle near water, where a lot of growing eucalyptus.The leaves of this plant - the only food that uses the koala.The crowns of the eucalyptus marsupial bear spends most of his life, going down only to move into other thickets.

Power marsupial bear

diet of koalas in diversity.It only leaves and young shoots of eucalyptus.These parts of the plant contain a small amount of protein and a lot of toxic compounds, including hydrocyanic acid.It was found that a daily portion of the leaves, eaten koala, is that amount of poison that can kill any other animal.Perhaps that is why no predators or hunters are not interested in how koalas prey.

These animals are selected to supply the most suitable types of eucalyptus, preferring those trees that grow on more fertile soils.These leaves poison concentration is much lower.It helps little animals find the plants developed their sense of smell.In captivity, this choice is not available, that can threaten even poisoning.An interesting fact is that, living in a certain part of the continent, animals eat only the leaves of trees growing next to their "home".That is why very carefully teach the animal to a new diet at the zoo, home to koalas.The country is located on another continent, compelled to deliver the first time for the animal leaves from the area where he was brought.The day koala require up to 1 kg of leaves.Water is also an animal almost do not drink.It is enough moisture obtained from the succulent leaves.

Features koalas

This animal has some interesting features that make it truly unique.Papillary pattern having his fingerprints on virtually indistinguishable from a human.Even quite large parents weighing at least 8 kg baby born quite tiny, the size of a grain of beans and weighing only 6 was growing up, he is already in a well-developed leathery fold located on the mother's abdomen and the bag-like.

Is there baby in six months, feeding on the mother's milk.Then moved to the back of her that.Where the koala lives, no wood predators pose a threat, so the animal is always very slowly and calmly.

Lifestyle marsupial bear

This animal is able to sleep on branches up to 20 hours a day, only at night moving through the trees, producing food.This inactivity is due to too slow metabolism in this animal, causing the demand for energy is greatly reduced.In a few hours the koala may be in complete immobility.

But in an emergency, they are able to make great leaps and rather quickly move around, including in the water.

His slow and sedentary these animals even more like a stuffed toy.This is a fun appearance impresses people, and they are happy to tame animals.

And then it does not matter where the koala lives in a country, it is very easy to adapt, becoming a home and friendly animals.


Australia is a country famous unusual animals dwell there, quite similar to those we used to see at home.They differ not only in appearance but also have a special body structure.The country, home to koalas, celebrities and other marsupials.They all share is available on the abdomen skin fold, which resembles a bag.In it samochki and carry their young for several months, until they grow up.But already grown up and able to move independently kids for a long time, do not leave the mother's pouch.

Another very well-known marsupial is the kangaroo.It is known to all from childhood.Norn herbivore, like a bear, called Wombat size and can reach up to a meter and weigh about 40 kg.Quite a nice little animal - numbat nambat feeding on termites.On the brink of extinction is a very rare animal family marsupial - spotted civet.It is a predator that feeds on small animals - mice, rabbits, birds, and so on. D. Still, most famous for Australia as a country that is home to koalas and kangaroos.They can rightly be considered the hallmark of this continent.