Personal income: is a collection of monetary incomes, sources and methods of control

Personal income - is a collection of monetary funds received by an individual.In addition, personal income, and may include other sources: wages, dividends, pensions, allowances, commissions, bonuses in cash, payment of certain types of work, gifts in cash, social and other benefits.

For most people, it is important to be able to dispose of personal income.With such a useful habit can control their savings to generate funds.Personal income definition for each person is an individual.Try it and you begin to monitor your cash flow today!And just to see how much you can save, and that you will eventually bring this important habit.

Saving money can be many, but how to properly and competently them to invest and grow, do not know everything.According to statistics, personal income 25% is wasted.Many people probably think that they are so many ways to deny yourself, but it is not.

Personal income - is, above all, discipline and control over resources made available and disposal.It is very important to learn to keep the family budget, and it is best to start with the purchase of a notebook or notebook to record all revenues and expenditures.

Savings can be of various kinds.Savings of households and private presented in the form of the difference between personal disposable income and expenses.The last can be divided into mandatory and optional.Mandatory spending the family budget: clothing, food, personal care, utilities, rent a flat (for those who are forced to rent an apartment).This sum from month to month is not changed.Therefore, this type of expenditure to be made in the article the family budget.

most important habit that has to be a man - is to prepare before going to the store plan purchases.List should be prepared in advance, all you need to think carefully and to "weigh".

Tip one: creating a family foundation.For example, the money planned for the personal income and business expenses, it is best to keep those that you plan to spend on entertainment.

Tip two: food and other things you need to buy is always on time.And it does not depend on what your personal income, it's just the ability to spend money wisely.There is a very important saying: "Poor people buy things in the season, and the rich - at discounts."Therefore, if you aspire to financial independence, it is best to follow the habits of the rich.The cost of things that are sold in the season, maybe by 50-80% more expensive than the off-season.Things discounts can be purchased at online stores or order them from catalogs.As for the food, those products that have a long shelf life, it is better to buy in bulk or in advance.So you can save up to 30% of the money you plan to spend on food.

Tip three: try not to go beyond the drawn your shopping list.Buy only need to have all the necessary and required.Most of us already in the store remember that you need to buy both.However, if you have not included it in its list, you can do without it.The main thing is to control the situation, not to be hostage to it.

Tip Four: refer to friends and family for advice.Before important shopping is best to ask your relatives or friends who are better versed in this area.They will certainly give you some valuable advice and tips.So you can buy the product at a lower cost and faster.

Tip five: increase the sources of personal income and personal income, that is looking for new ways to make money.

Try today to start writing the family budget and manage personal finances, and you will see how nice not to wait for the next paycheck to imagine anything afford.Experiment and monitor your personal income, it's easy, then you will see 10-30% will develop in the amounts that can be invested.