Interior will talk about the nature of the hosts

Do we understand very well the person with whom we communicate?I guess there is always a desire to know him better.And then we will resort to the help of horoscopes, the names and characteristics of psychological testing.And it turns out that very interesting information we can get by watching the things that surround a person at home.

noteworthy artefacts preference of some form.Someone in choosing a coffee table stop on a round, someone will like a square, but someone rectangular.Scientists have found that this selection is determined by our personal characteristics.Typically, there are five key figures related to the nature of man: square, triangle, circle, rectangle, zigzag.

Watching what form is preferred, we can identify and personality characteristics we are interested in the person.

1. Square. If among the surroundings you will find pictures and photographs in square frames, carpets in the form of the same figure, chairs with square seats, it is likely that human characteristic diligence, hard work, the need to bring it started to end.Endurance and methodical usually make it a highly qualified specialist in his field, and this contributes to an unquenchable thirst for information.All information systematized, placed on shelves.Thought Analysis - a strong side of the square, most likely, it refers to left-hemispheric thinkers.Squares like to once and for all routine, plan suits him, predictable life.Excessive passion for detail, the need for more information deprive Square efficiency, sometimes it delays a decision.In addition, rationality, emotional dryness interfere squares quickly establish contacts with people.While others are attracted their erudition, rationalism.

2. Triangle. If conditions are often found objects, resembling a triangle, it is energetic, strong man, whose characteristic ability - to concentrate on the main goal.This form symbolizes leadership, and many in this feel their destiny.Triangle - is a very confident person, who wants to be right in all permanent rivals, competing with others.The dominant setting in any business of winning and success.Triangles - ambitious.If Square is a major achievement of the highest quality of work, the Triangle aims to achieve a high position to acquire high status careers.Before we get down to business or to make a decision, Triangle as it poses a question: "What am I going with this have?".They are characterized by a strong self-centered, focus on yourself.On the way to the heights of power, they do not show a particular sensitivities in relation to moral norms and can go to the purpose of the heads of others.They are perfectly able to present to senior management the importance of their own work, and a mile away feeling good business.They are just like the square, left-hemispheric thinkers are capable of deep and quickly analyze the situation, and they focus on the essentials, on the nature of the problem.

3. Circle. People whose main figure in an interior-circle, prefer sleek contours: upholstered furniture with beanbags, drawing on the wallpaper and curtains to close the round.Such a person is genuinely interested in good interpersonal relationships, this is the most friendly of the five forms.It has a high sensitivity, development of empathy - the ability to empathize, sympathize.The circle feels the joy and pain of others as their own.They are perfectly "read" people quickly and are able to recognize the pretender.Circles are aimed at people rather than business, for them there is nothing more serious than to engage in interpersonal conflict.Circles are not different determination, and often can not apply themselves properly, all this leads to the fact that they often take over the top of a strong personality, such as a triangle.Followed soon belong to the "hemispheric" whose thinking shaped, intuitive, emotive.The main features of their way of thinking: focus on subjective factors, problems (values, feelings, etc.) and the desire to find common even in the opposite points of view.

4. rectangle. predominance of rectangular objects can symbolize a state of transition and change.Rectangles - people who are not satisfied with the way of life they lead now, and so busy looking for the best.The most characteristic features Rectangles - inconsistent and unpredictable behavior during the transitional period.Rectangles can vary greatly from day to day and even within a single day.If you look closely, you will notice that they try on for the entire period clothing other forms: triangular, circular.Rectangles are curious, have a keen interest in everything going on, trying to do things that have never done before.During this period, they are open to new ideas, values, ways of thinking, and at the same time people are very trusting, inspire, allowing them to manipulate.

5. And finally, a zigzag - preferred by people with demonstrative behavior.Their surroundings, usually has an extravagant look.The interior details visible features zigzag.Zigzag symbolizes creativity, creativity.People who prefer this shape usually have a developed aesthetic sense, they are distinguished by a combination of completely different, disparate ideas and creation on this basis, something new and original.In contrast to the circle, zigzag is not interested in consensus and achieve the synthesis is not through concessions, but on the contrary, pointed the conflict of ideas and the building of a new concept.Zigzags tend to see the world is constantly changing, for this reason, there is nothing more boring than a routine pattern, rules and regulations.Zigzags can not work productively in a well-structured situations where strict duties fixed and permanent ways of working.Zigzags want to be independent from the others, then they come to life and begin to generate new ideas and methods.Zigzags - the most enthusiastic of all five types.When they have a new and interesting idea, they are ready to tell her all over the world.However, their lack of restraint and expressiveness often prevents them from spending their ideas.In addition, they are not strong in the elaboration of specific details and not too persistent in bringing the case to the end, as the loss of novelty, they lose interest in the idea.Their right hemisphere thinking is not fixed on the details, allowing you to build a holistic and harmonious concepts and images, to see the beauty.

Natalia Lebedeva, a psychologist

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