Opportunistic behavior of children and businessmen, or How to sell an elephant

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Bolsheviks fought against the opportunists, it was one of their favorite activities.Those who had a chance to study the history of the CPSU, clearly learned that they, and even Trotskyists, deviants and revisionists - bad people, but for some reason it is, is not always known.However, this is usually not required and teachers.

So what is the opportunistic behavior and what is its harmful nature?It's time to figure it out, but at the same time to determine how to deal with it.

since kindergarten, not to mention the school years, everyone in varying degrees becomes an opportunist.This is manifested in the fact that any situation in which its role is unsightly, it is trying to portray in the most favorable light for yourself.For example, a boy, a first grader, scuffled with fellow practitioners on the break, he explains his behavior as follows: "He started it, and I just gave back!" This bully prudently silent about previous events and the initial circumstances of the conflict, when he teased his future victim orotherwise hurt her, provoking and bullying.

other words, opportunistic behavior is one-sided or incomplete provision of information to bargain for themselves the purpose.Adults do it much more often than children, sometimes showing the wonders resourcefulness, but the general principle in this case remains the same kindergarten.It is unfortunate, but not do without this technique is almost impossible.

The most common opportunistic strategy manifests itself in the behavior of business people.Sale of goods is accompanied by focusing on buyers of its advantages and merits.Without this it is impossible, but in essence, it is one-sided information.The most sophisticated businessmen will even give the appearance of objectivity, pointing out some shortcomings immediately, however, explaining how to neutralize them during the operation.

Opportunistic behavior seller was the subject of a funny story about a man who bought an elephant.After listening to eulogies about what animal it is fun, it entertains the children, blowing trunk water jets, and so on.By purchasing it, the new owner was horrified to realize all the destructive consequences of his action.Clumsy and a huge elephant trampled all, ruined house, squeezed machine ... Frustrated, the man came to complain to the seller, and heard advice: "In this spirit, like yours, is difficult to sell an elephant."

But not only manifests itself in the sale of opportunistic behavior, in business it many applications.Distort the objective reality in its own advantage and employers, and hired experts.First focus on what benefits promised employment in their company, while the latter tend to impress a very valuable staff and superkvalifitsirovannyh specialists.And those and others often exaggerate.

In the process of showing the opportunism of employees whose form of payment does not encourage initiative.The main principle of those who are "sitting on the bare salary" - to create the effect of feverish activity, a cost of a minimum of effort.Exposing the job, a "worker" diverts attention from the authorities that most of the working time he sits back.

best way to encourage employees to work effectively is the right material and moral incentives of its activities, creating interest in the outcome and the admission to it.That is what the founders of the future industrial and financial giants, making the workers, engineers, clerks shareholders.

In addition, the costs of opportunistic behavior has painful consequences for themselves and lazy.When it becomes apparent their uselessness, they join the army of the unemployed.