Dreams of men - big and small

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eternal question for men is - what woman wants.It is so sharp, that was referred to the philosophical level.But we women are very interested to know: the dream of every man - what is it?What they see in their dreams our life partner, then they do not have to be completely happy?Let's try to deal with these issues together.

Dreams men can be divided into several categories - personal, that is, those that are associated with future wife or relationship with the opposite sex in particular;those associated with an increase in self-esteem in their eyes and the eyes of the public, as well as more certain categories, which refer to any group, even a little bit difficult.

We'll start with the category, which seems to us a little closer, that is, the ideal woman.Dreams of men concerning dearest second half, also can be divided into two types - those that relate to the exterior and interior features.Of course, it should be beautiful, and in many cases, the dream of the man of beauty is not so that idolize themselves, and of that, which favored his friends.Why is that?!And make friends jealous!In general, the classic ideal of a woman - a beautiful but unpretentious, well prepared and asks little in return, never "nags", refers to the understanding of all gatherings with friends, a good nanny for children and a great lover in bed.Very often in men dream about the ideal wife began to increase one more detail - self-sufficiency of his wife should not be extended to family relationships, that is at work, she can be strict boss, provide for his family, but the house turn into a loving, gentle girl.But do they understand that, in principle, these women do not exist - it is a big question ....

following dream men relate to their own self-sufficiency.Most of the trouble here lies in the fact that the ambitions of our satellites going through the roof - the whole world must lie at their feet and obey only him.Smart individuals try a little to reduce the temperature and quite well find themselves in business, work and other areas, but those who have not found themselves in these areas, often remain the most bottoms, but the blame for this is not ourselves, but the whole world around.

Dreams men over time and growing up I have very little, so the desire to have in their arsenal the most "advanced" toy remains in adulthood, but becomes large.That is - the cars are real, not toy, but motorcycles and bicycles go to the rank of speed.In this case, a man finds not just a means of transportation, and his "iron friend", to which it relates with great love and affection.You should not impede the performance of this dream, it is easier to treat this with understanding.

The three dreams of the male population are some "global" scale, but in general are very fond of boys and unpretentious, quite easily executable ideas.What is it?This may be the existence of a single remote control for everything - TV, computer, lights, washing machines, and even for the baby and wife.Nice detail in the form of the heart of things or accessories with logos of your favorite football teams and should not be written off - sometimes they can be a wonderful gift that will warm the hearts of your other half for a long time.