Lindsay Lohan: My memoirs will be like "Harry Potter"

As we reported earlier, the scandalous American actress Lindsay Lohan is still far-fetched to write a memoir.However, the star warned that those fans who expect juicy details from the book her many novels, will be disappointed.

have 28-year-old Lohan has so much than it is prepared to share with the world that a book can hardly fit.

"I want to write, because for me it's like therapy. I want to insert a lot of pictures and any such class. Perhaps it will be a trilogy, as" Harry Potter, "I have a lot of material," - said the actress.

"All my life I write diaries, from childhood, and all that, I think I have a lot I can tell. I have worked with many girls in India who have been through all this, and with many children who have experienced family problems and falls underarticle, "driving while intoxicated" and something similar to what I myself felt the pressure, forced to be the best in everything, "- shared her rich life experience of the future writer.

Lohan hopes her memoir will be able to help those people who are experiencing the same emotions that went through her own.

"I feel that my book will be mostly about this, what about the other, because of the life I was living, there is a lot of fun. But I seen a lot, and if I could only help those who thinkit's okay - to experience setbacks, normal to feel lonely or ugly, or feel that a lot or a little weigh, "- said the star.

As is known, in 2009, Lindsay Lohan spent a week in India during the filming of the BBC television documentary about the victims of human trafficking.Many are surprised that the role of the narrator chose scandalous party girl.

According to the authors, Lohan was supposed to bring to the attention of film people who otherwise would not have looked at it.But critics praised the tape as a whole, it was called the presence of Lindsay "bizarre and distracting" maneuver.

Recall a year ago, Lohan was again sent to a rehabilitation center, and this time, the treatment seems to have worked.Since then, the star does not become the heroine of scandals and did not come across with alcohol or drugs.

Photo Source: WENN