For the video card bus 512 bits - it's a lot or a little?

Race for the performance of graphics cards continues for a long time, causing a lot of controversy appeared, speculation and myths that lead buyers into complete confusion.In addition to the choice of the manufacturer, we have to decide to give preference to high frequencies or bit depth of the device.The focus of the article - 512 bit video card.This review is primarily concerned with whether to buy, without being tied to a particular brand.

Basic knowledge

for all video bit rate of 512 - is the amount of data it can process per unit time.On the market can be found adapters running on the tire 64, 128, 192, 256, 284 and 1024 bits.Logically, the more the better.But while the price of production of these video cards is directly proportional to the width of the tire.Therefore, the market is not so easy to find a 512-bit video card, and if they occur, then the price is too high for the average user.Device manufacturers have gone in the other direction, increasing the frequency of memory and SLI technology and introducing CrossFire, allowing to install several identical video cards in one system unit.

calculation performance

performance graphics cards a priority indicator is the bandwidth, which is calculated by multiplying the width of the bus and memory frequency.Therefore, the performance of modern graphics cards has been increased at the expense of raising the effective memory clock.Go into the technology does not make sense, the main result - there is no need to run the game to look for a powerful device on the market with 512-bit bus.This innovation met all buyers positive, as evidenced by the numerous reviews in the media.Just to celebrate many buyers forget about the video card power supply for the future.For a manufacturer, trying to stand out among its competitors in the market, a specific adapter maximum frequency at which the device can be operated without interruption for several years.


bit mode for 512-bit graphics card does not make sense to carry out a preliminary factory overclocking.Modern adapter will handicap bandwidth to any device with a lower bit depth.Yes, the price is much more expensive video card competitors, but within a few years, fans of the games will not be productive desire to make the improvement of the computer.By increasing the frequency of the bus to the requirements of the game is very easy to raise the capacity of the card.And if you pay attention to the graphics card for gaming servers, you'll find that most of the devices have 512 bits.This once again confirms that the bit depth of the tire can not be discounted.