Dream Interpretation: kissing - that heralds the dream?

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It often happens that the positive dreams interpreted negatively, and negative - on the contrary.A dream in which a man will kiss, dream interpretation interpreted in different ways.

Gypsy Dream Book: Kiss - which means?

is an example of the opposite interpretation.As the dream book, kiss her lover - a quarrel, and kissing an unknown person - to the fight.If a person dreams that he kisses a child - will scoff at him awake.

old French dream book: Kiss - interpretation of sleep

dream book says, kissing in a dream - the prediction of luck in everything.Kissing someone feet - humiliation and insult.If a person feels in a dream that someone kisses him, it portends a joyful and unexpected event.

English old dream book: kiss - what a dream?

If kissing in a dream that someone would not have in reality - not a good sign.This dream portends someone hypocrisy, perhaps a loved one or friend.To dream the other man kisses beloved dreamer - a rival in love.If a woman has a dream where she kisses another man, that is the dream says that the beloved heartless and insincere.If the lady dreams that her several times passionately and tenderly kisses beloved, it means that his intentions are sincere, pure, and it will always be true.Family men kissing each other in a dream - to the treachery of one of the spouses.

Female Eastern Dream Book: Kiss - interpretation of dreams

kiss someone - it's a dream to dream of parting, and even a complete rupture in love.

Miller's dream book: kissing - the interpretation of dreams

Kissing children - welcomed the reconciliation of work and family.Kissing mother - success in the field of business, the respect and love of friends.Kiss in a dream promises a brother or sister in the future of fun and a good friendship.Kissing favorite in the darkness - and the danger of debauchery, and in the light of - the principle of loyalty to the noble attitude to the ladies.Kissing a stranger in a dream foretells dreamer immoral acts in the future.Rival kisses beloved dreamer - to the loss of her respect.If the couple kiss each other, it promises spiritual harmony in their family.Kiss the enemy - the successful reconciliation with one another.If a young lady dreamed that someone had caught them with her lover while kissing - bold actions on the part of those she considers her friends.

Tsvetkova dream book: Kiss

dreamed kiss heralds change.

Esoteric Dream Interpretation: kiss - what dream?

Seeing couple kissing - the longing for affection and frustration.Kissing dreamer with someone - gentle and affectionate union relations, and not necessarily to those who dream.

Hasse dream book: kissing - that portends a dream?

receive from someone a kiss - separation from a loved one, the dreamer kiss - happy and mutual love, a kiss send a - a dream means submission.

Shereminskoy dream book: kissing - the hidden meaning of the dream

Kiss familiar lady - joyous surprise, the stranger - to money, his girlfriend - a fast separation.

Martin Zadek Dream Book: Kiss - the interpretation

Kissing in a dream promises a reconciliation with the enemy, and the ladies - a speedy marriage.

Denise Lynn Dream Book: Kiss - deciphering dreams

Deep dialogue with them, union of male and female beginning, passion, love and warm feelings.But a kiss can be the kiss of Judas, which sends a man to death.