One Two real people reviews about the service

One Two Trip - a major service for the sale of tickets.Positioning itself in the market as the most technologically advanced and innovative.It features an unusual, but at the same time the classic interface with powerful filtering system.This is one of the few services that displays the final price of the ticket without fees and commissions.Prices are lower than those of competitors.Effective bonus system of discounts.The most demanding users can find more information from "age" of the aircraft to the percentage of delays at the airline.Here's talk in more detail about how to order OneTwoTrip flights.Guest will also be presented to your attention.

briefly about the service

Director General of the project is Peter Cutis, and one of the founders - the same portal Anywayanyday.The first site was launched in 2011 in a test mode.Over the next 24 months, he got in the top 30 most popular Internet resources.Features OneTwoTrip: booking tickets, participate in rankings flights, the accumulation of points and exchange them for discounts.The rating is made according to the statistics of delays, flight cancellation and refund of the aircraft.In addition, also takes into account the secondary parameters: the distance between the seats for a luggage, vehicle data, and so on. D. The source for the estimation of One Two - customer reviews, analytical reports of airlines, pilots talks in open channels.Monthly service booked through the 100 thousand tickets.The average ticket price - 400 dollars apiece.This corresponds to 36 million dollars a month.Yield service is 4% of the transaction amount.The company has already entered the markets of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Georgia, and in the near future plans to reach Europe (Germany, Austria, Sweden).

OneTwoTrip: how to return the money

company recently launched service Price Reward, the essence of which is that users will be able to get the difference in the ticket price, if after its registration on the website will be a better offer.The service connects on request and free of charge.To do this when booking to put a tick in the appropriate order form.Then, the system will automatically monitor the cost of the ticket, up to the moment of departure.If prices drop, there will be rebooking.The difference will be refunded in the form of a promotional code OneTwoTrip.Plane tickets next purchase client can arrange a discount.In theory, such a scheme would allow the airline to expand into new positions.Analogues of the solution does not exist.The probability of getting discounts of 15%, according to the service OneTwoTrip.

Return tickets or removing armor - these are the reasons because of which the price may fall.On the registration of the document goes from 3 to 30 minutes, during which the system can find a better offer.Also, the customer has the day to cancel the free ticket and book a new one.You can make a return, if the fine is less than the difference between the values.These options give the chance to save money 15% of cases.At the same time none of the parties is no risk and nothing to lose.The monitoring system continually processes large volumes of information in real time.

Is it really

Experts say that this is another PR stunt company OneTwoTrip.Tickets at a lower price after booking to get pretty tough.Airline creates one more flight tariffs.Each of them is assigned a certain number of seats.If you bought the cheapest tickets, the sale comes more expensive.The closer the departure date, the more expensive it will be worth the flight.Very low probability that someone will refuse the ticket and will happen automatically rebook on One Two comments on the forum confirm that the time limited for the free return of the current day.That is, if the purchase is made at 23:30, then the man is to think 30 minutes.

One Two reviews

Most negative reviews user regards the procedure return ticket.Rules of exchange on the site are presented in English.Not every user of the resource can understand them.The portal receives from the rules of the fare airlines in a uniform manner.They are constantly changing.Even if the transfer is to engage a team of specialists, not the fact that at the time of booking information on the site will be correct.Therefore, in the process of creating applications you need to pay attention to the information provided in the form itself:

  • Changes - fine for the ticket exchange.
  • Refund - return policy.

In the case of a complex flight, when applied several tariff calculations are for the most stringent requirements.Their carrier sets rather than OneTwoTrip.

How to return the ticket and get the money?If tariff rules provided compensation value, you must first apply for a refund through the "My Account" online service.At this point, the recalculated value.The closer the departure date, the payment will be processed faster.Typically payment occurs within 24 hours.But the period of the refund depends on the bank.If the customer paid for the ticket through the site, the money is returned to the card with which the transaction was carried out within 5 working days.And if cash through mobile shops additionally take time to harmonize the recipient details.Worry at the expense of a refund within the first 30 days after the formation of the application is not necessary.This period is specified in the rules of the system.Another thing, if compensation is laid less service charge.For example, the cost of the ticket is 2 thousand. Rub., And system commission - 2,5 thous. Rub.In this case, the return of a person does not receive anything at all.

Price question

Many complain about the change in the cost of air tickets on site One Two comments on the forums show that at the stage of registration of the application price is increased by 2-3 times.Attempts to return the amount spent over unsuccessful.Here, the same principle: first, the airline is selling the cheapest tickets.It is highly likely that until the person fills out a form on the site, someone else has already bought the ticket.Therefore, at the stage of payment of the amount is increased by several times.And the rules are listed according to the rates of return.

Additional Commission

not less negativity expressed about the procedure exchange for OneTwoTrip.How to get a ticket without additional payments?Sometimes there is a situation when a person changes the flight on the day of departure, selecting a later time.Rules for the operation as dictated by the airline.Many of them are in such cases, often fix failing to appear for the first passenger flight, even after removing the reservation.Then the system does not allow for the procedure of exchange at no additional cost.But not all passengers agree to it.That's why there are differences.

Data Correction

People who are going to fly for the first time, very often buy tickets on OneTwoTrip.Reviews suggest that through the service, you can book a ticket loukost companies.But in the rush people often make when filling out questionnaires incorrect data.Resolution IATA № 830 prohibited from making any changes to the redeemed ticket.But the same document (resolution) admits the existence of three differences (errata) in the name and surname.Users can make a remark in the booking system, this information will see only the employees of the airlines.The itinerary information remains unchanged.In such a case, dissatisfied customers can advise only one thing - do not rush in the booking form.Even after confirmation of the application you have 10 minutes to cancel it.Then the commission refund will not be removed.

All changes must be reported in advance

If a person changed his name (for example, in the case of marriage), and then remembered that registered on the old itinerary receipt, exchange information or make a rebooking not succeed.We'll have to return the ticket and buy a new one.In general, in such cases it is better to engage in book after the change of names.

Loyalty program

service allows patrons to accumulate points and then use them in the form of discounts.Bonuses accrued for the purchase of an air ticket and hotel reservation.To qualify, you need to register on the site to get into the system or TCS, "Binbank" co-branded card OneTwoTrip.Loyalty program operates as follows:

  • ticket purchases in any direction is charged 1% of the amount.
  • When booking a ticket through the service or OneTwoTrip Booking client comes to the bonus account 1% of the amount spent (3 days after departure from the hotel) or 4% (90 days).You can adjust the amount of the discount on the site.
  • for payment products co-branded card is charged 1-5% of the amount of the bonus account.

Points are exchanged at the rate of 1 ruble = 1 bonus.Accumulated discount can only be used for payments by credit card.Account balance can be viewed at "My Account" online system.For the first use must accumulate 1500 points, then the threshold will be reduced to 500. Bonuses are not limited in number, they do not burn, but transfer them to users or summarize with other profiles is impossible.