The largest companies in Russia.

Russia - it is a large and powerful state.No wonder that in this country there is a huge number of the most powerful and largest companies in the world.To determine the largest companies in Russia, extras had to do a difficult job, because the number of enterprises in our country is growing annually.According to experts, to identify the leaders of the need to identify the main contenders in each area of ​​activity (energy, construction, metallurgy, insurance, and information technology).

Types of companies in Russia

To determine the largest Russian companies, it is necessary not only to consider all sectors of production in our country, but also to get acquainted with such a concept, as a private and public property.It is no secret that a large number of factories and companies have in our country since the days of the Soviet Union.Unfortunately, it is practically impossible to reproduce the same huge factories and enterprises are able to do in the Soviet times.But on the other hand, if there is

the need?The modern world dictates new rules, and the current owners is very convenient for them to live.And indeed, much more profitable to build your own company or plant, which will generate revenue only to the owner.This is precisely what a number of business today.Therefore, to determine the largest companies in Russia, need to familiarize yourself with some of them private, and what - the state.

State companies

Not surprisingly, the rating of the largest companies of Russia headed by the most famous domestic enterprises.For example, the company "Gazprom", which it is impossible not to call on the leader board.Do not be surprised by the fact that virtually all the organizations which are engaged in oil and gas are owned wholly or in part it is the leadership of our country.From these companies it depends not only on the value of the national currency, but also in the whole destiny of people.As is known, Russia - a country-exporter, mainly on the world market, our country is sending oil and gas.Though it is necessary to say that in public companies include those companies that are considered to be the only, or have no competitors in the world market.For example, JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation" (USC), JSC "United Aircraft Corporation" or the space industry.But there are industries in which the state practically does not participate, except that acquires a certain part of the shares.

Private companies

Such organizations are private companies.Although it should be said, that among these companies can be found very familiar names.For example, companies such as "LUKOIL", "Bashneft", "Tatneft", or food chain "Magnit" do not belong to the state, and certain businessmen or group of persons.Large private companies in Russia and are characterized by high yield and, of course, its size.This is difficult to say that the owners of these industrial corporations built their own.Most often wealthy businessmen from the state simply redeem the bulk of the shares and become owners of the company had already finished.It is necessary to divide all the organizations in certain areas in order to identify the largest Russian companies.List will consist not of all spheres of the industry, and a major focus.

Oil companies

The largest companies in the oil industry - a "Gazprom", "Lukoil", "Rosneft", "Bashneft", "Surgutneftegaz" and other enterprises which are engaged in oil production and exports in our country.It so happened that the organizations that are engaged in energy resources in our country, there is simply not the small size.Russian oil companies are different in its scope not only within Russia but also considered to be large enough in the world.As you know, the black gold is considered one of the most important resources of the world, and our country has a huge supply of raw materials.You can also see that among the leaders not only to public companies, but also private.

If you compare the profitability of companies, we can see that in 2012 "Gazprom" has earned about 117.6 billion dollars, while the "Lukoil", which is in second place, only 111.4 billion dollars.It is worth noting the fact that the number of employees who work in "Gazprom", almost 4 times more than that of "Lukoil".The state has some of the shares of this company.

Construction companies over the past 20 years, the construction industry is actively developed.That is why today there are so many companies that are engaged in construction of roads, housing and commercial premises, as well as oil and gas facilities.Among the leaders it can be noted about 30 organizations, which are currently able to offer services on the most favorable terms.For example, SC "SGM".His group included a number of companies that are easy to implement projects of any complexity.In particular, the "SGM" provides its services to the oil and gas industry.

GC "Inteko" - a group of companies engaged in construction of residential premises.Group of Companies "SU-155" provides a wide range of activities, the company's specialists are ready to offer their services in a variety of ways.Almost all construction companies in Russia are not owned by the state.

Metallurgy Metallurgical industry in our country is not the last.Perhaps that is why the leading place is occupied by large metallurgical companies in Russia.The list in this industry is divided into two areas: ferrous and nonferrous industry.The former include such companies as "Evraz", "Group Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant", "Mechel", "Severstal", "TMK" and "United Metallurgical Company".The second group comprised companies that are engaged in more expensive metals, "Norilsk Nickel", "Ryaztsvetmet", "Novosibirsk Tin Works," "Russian Aluminum" and "Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company."In the past few years, the state attaches great importance to the industry, because it is these domestic companies are making a huge contribution to all world production.


economy of our countries are actively developing, and that's in the top largest Russian companies have already entered and IT-firms.The leader in this field, of course, is "Yandex", which is just 15 years of its existence managed to achieve amazing results.In second place is the least known site the usual postal service company Group has evolved into a real corporation, which today employs about 3 thousand. People.Co-owner of the company is one of the richest men in Russia - Alisher Usmanov.

In third place - the popular social network "VKontakte", which receives an annual profit of 215 million dollars.Next in the list of leaders are companies that have been able to quickly attract a huge audience of users, "RBC", "Afisha-Rambler», iFree, Game Insight, as well as "2GIS" and Superjob.All these organizations take pride of place in the list of the largest companies in our country, because a huge number of Internet users use their services on a daily basis.

little about insurance, and about why these companies are so important for Russia

largest Russian insurance companies actually can be listed without hesitation.In recent years, huge numbers of people began to use the services of such organizations.Perhaps it is for this reason that in our country so quickly identify the top three, which annually just changing places on the podium winners rankings.

It should also be noted that today the insurance service has become a mandatory procedure.It is used by tourists, employees of large companies, insurance customers are even banks.In addition, customers often insurance companies often use this service not only for the safety of their health, but also to guarantee the security of property and personal transport.And speaking of the largest companies in Russia, it is worth noting that the organization has the greatest number of customers in the country.So, the three of leaders consists of companies "Rosgosstrakh", "SOGAZ" and "INGOSTRAKH."

Insurance companies

In order to understand why the company took first place in the annual ranking, just look at the profitability of these organizations.Large insurance companies in Russia get an impressive profit.For example, "Rosgosstrakh" Only in 2013 was able to show the result in 99.8 billion of premiums collected.At the same time, "SOGAZ" showed the result in 84.8 billion of premiums and "INGOSTRAKH" - about 66.6 billion premiums.It is these insurance companies are the most attractive reputation that tested not only time, but also a huge number of customers.Apparently, so each year the number of customers of these companies is increasing.

According to experts, it is such organizations must take a leading position in the ranking of the largest companies in Russia.In addition to the three leaders can be identified and companies such as the "RESO-Garantia", "Alfa Insurance" and "consent".


Not surprisingly, the largest Russian company - an enterprise that engaged in production and export of oil and gas.If we consider the data that lead experts, the top ten are: 5 oil companies, two banking organizations, one company that operates in the field of energy networks, one company associated with the railway, and one medical company.Among the leaders of today - no one insurance company, despite the fact that the number of people who use the services of these companies is sufficiently large.This year the company "Rosgosstrakh" ranked only 79th in the ranking, which in general is not bad.But most importantly, that the major Russian companies are known not only in our country but also in other countries.Most organizations, whether private or public, they do not have equal worldwide!