Repair laptop battery own hands.

stationary computers, which had an incredibly widespread at the time, gradually begin more and more to recede into the background and modern people increasingly use specialized hand-held devices, such as netbooks and laptops.However, given the constant movement and conditions for the use of such equipment, it is often enough to break the various components, in particular, have to make laptop battery repair their own hands.

When you need to repair?

main advantage of laptops is that they are mobile, but their dignity is completely volatilized in the event that for any reason the battery is completely exhausted its resource.Once the mobile device is eventually transformed into an ordinary desktop computer, having a much lower performance than those parameters that the PC has a similar cost.Attempts to find a brand new battery is advantageous in most cases ends up being such devices or do not have available, or the price is about 25-30% of the total cost of the device.Purchase hand not the best option, since you bought the battery was able to greatly develop its own resource.

For this reason, much better option is to repair the laptop battery own hands, it is not only cost effective, but it's fairly quick decision.

How to prevent possible malfunctions?

of today is very, very common is the use of special nickel-metal hydride batteries, and lithium-ion devices at the same time it is the latter most often installed in modern laptops because they have greater capacity, and they lackthe so-called "memory effect".However, this option also has its own drawbacks, and in particular it relates to the vulnerability to high temperatures, deep discharge or too large current charging.In this capacity over time is significantly reduced, and try to shake a battery to previous settings is almost impossible, even if you thoroughly understand how to repair the laptop battery own hands.

What accounts for the manufacturer?

To ensure the durability of the battery, use a specialized microcontroller that closely monitors data voltage, temperature, eliminates the possibility of overcharging or deep discharge.These microcontrollers use in their work is a set of special algorithms that ensure durability of different batteries.For example, often these options are supported notebooks Energy Star, which support the battery charge level of 70-85%, making it impossible to achieve the limit value, and fully turn off the device after it is discharged to the level of 5-9%.That is why the owners of such devices requires much less information required to repair laptop battery own hands.

What should consider user?

Users should pay attention to the fact that in the process of working with a variety of multimedia applications or demanding games modern laptops are beginning to devote quite a lot of heat, which has a negative impact on battery life.In other words, if you will actively develop the resources of your computer, in which case you may be required sooner laptop battery repair their own hands.HP, for example, produces gaming notebooks with dedicated protection against such consequences, but in reality they are not able to ensure proper results.

The best thing you can do for your own battery using a laptop in standard PCs - is to disconnect it and connect back only if you really need it.In this case, you do not often have to repair the laptop battery own hands."Sony", for example, uses in its laptops dedicated rechargeable battery, which in the case of disconnection from the device can last especially long.

How to store it?

Self-discharge of the battery is about 4-6% per month, but this figure can be reduced if the battery is kept in a temperature range of +5 to +8 ° C, and at the same time provide protection from light, and all other sources of heat.Thus, you can greatly increase the longevity of your battery, causing it to be able to work you up to 10 years without the need for a regular laptop battery repair their own hands."Toshiba" has released a series of notebooks in his time, whose batteries even overcome this threshold.

How to repair?

First of all you need to fully discharge your battery, that is, turn off the power and wait for until it is completely discharged.Now you can disconnect the battery and begin to disassemble.

At first glance it may seem that it is a monolithic piece of plastic, but in reality it is not so.There are lots of fastening screws to unscrew and then gently tap the device to hammer the seam.It is worth noting that the hammer should be wrapped in a soft cloth, because otherwise you can split the body, and in this case, you are unlikely to rely on the fact that you will benefit from the laptop battery repair their own hands.Acer often release laptops with batteries that have a weak body, so it is very important to take into account.You can help yourself to some fine screwdriver or knife blade.The main thing is to do everything very carefully so as not to damage the electrochemical cell, or directly to the motherboard controller.


Now you need a multitester with which you can easily find the one element that is broken.This is done by measuring the voltage of a standard set of batteries as a strong dip in it clearly demonstrates the failure of the element.Of course, you just have a desire to replace only this element, but in fact this is also not the most optimal solution.When such a change you need to be extremely careful to calibrate the charge controller, it is virtually impossible to implement if you have held in the home repair laptop battery own hands.Asus is characterized especially such a feature, so the entire set of elements should be replaced immediately.

Batteries today you can buy almost any store that sells a variety of computer accessories.You can also order all of these items over the Internet.

Useful tips

There are several important things that you should consider when buying accessories in specialized stores:

  • All the elements must have the same capacity and type, which must match perfectly with the original elements in disassemble batteries.Ideally, you want to buy items from one party to increase the chance that they will have the same internal specifications.
  • Accessories must differ very close internal resistance.Check it out simply enough - you need to charge each of the elements to the voltage of 3.8, after which each individual element to do the following procedure to connect a load resistance which is 4 ohms, and power dissipation - 10 watts, then measure the voltage.The voltage drop in the end must be the same for each individual element.
  • All installed elements must have the same voltage.Few people know that the overwhelming majority of components sold half charged, as deep discharge is fatal to them, but the battery components can be installed only if they have been previously discharged to 3.1V.

If you just set the items directly from the store, it is likely that the controller considers them as faulty, resulting or completely abandon their charge or charge the wrong that can eventually provoke overheating or an explosion of the battery.

Finishing work

Once you replace all the batteries will need to conduct a thorough solder contacts as well as the final assembly of the battery to its former state.The battery should be placed on charge, and you yourself must control this process, and to do it very carefully.In that case, if the battery temperature is beginning to rise too much, and at the same time you start to hear crackling, which is uncharacteristic for the normal operation of the device, you should immediately turn off the external power and remove the battery from the computer.

After such manipulations you will need to spend time on a laptop froze before it is fully discharged.In this case, you will need to understand how quickly the device is discharged in the process, and if that time has grown from a few minutes to a few hours, you can congratulate yourself because you have successfully repair the laptop battery own hands.Samsung and some manufacturers often provide users with detailed instructions on how to carry out these procedures with their own hands, but in any case it is recommended to consult specialists.