What to do to make money at home?

question: "What to do to make money at home?"It occurs more often.There are many options.I do not think that in order to earn money at home, be sure to get your company online or register on the site, or learn how to play the stock market.Although, of course, such features are, and the work at home, some extent connected to the Internet today.

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The network has a huge number of blogs that demonstrate how you can earn money at home is a hobby.Someone knits, someone makes soap, someone else deals with scrapbooking or card making, and some excellent cook sweets or jewelry making.Is not it the way?The main point here - to have distribution channels, ie the people who will buy it all.And these people bought, need information (promotion) that these products (products) can be purchased from the fact some (place) and so much (price) and the product of very good quality (promotion) - classical concept4P.Promotion in a given situation can be carried out through a profile on a social network, and through friends.Everyone has a circle of friends, who are well aware about a particular hobby.These people already loyal to the product, are an important information resource for which fighting large companies to spend huge sums on advertising and PR.It remains to tell friends that enjoyable hobby becomes a source of income.No need to grandiose plans and business strategies to understand in each case, what to do to make money.

uniqueness of the situation lies in the fact that to make a decision about on what you can earn, perhaps based on personal skills and doing something very like it.Opportunities are usually nearby.Simply, they are not considered as a means of obtaining money.


On the Internet there are many different sites that you can find a variety of options of what to do to earn money at home - from copywriting to the development of business projects, by conducting cooking blog to interviews or lessons.

first determine what species of freelancing your qualifications closest and what time can be assigned to perform the work.Next you want to see the sites and their ratings, read the comments, then to determine what the conditions are ideal to you.Create your electronic wallet and the electronic passport (e-ID cards), to register at the site and start working.

Do not think that if you found the question of what to do, to make money, first steps, then immediately earnings will be high and stable.Needless to expect that all will rush to buy goods or services offered.

to make money at home, we must remember that now the solutions of all situations, both simple and complex, will depend on you, that gives you a great freedom of action, but also imposes a responsibility.And there is nothing better than doing what you like, self-selecting a particular type of activity, but still earn money.