Cucumber bush: features and varieties

bush called short stature varieties of cucumbers.Most of them belong to pcheloopyljaemogo and used by gardeners to grow in the open field.However bred varieties suitable for planting under the film.Bush cucumbers these very original.Conventional lash varieties have often longer than 1 m. In addition, they are highly branched.At the same bush, they never grow longer than 80 cm. One whip is never more than two branches.Cucumber bush looks very nice.The fact that the interstices had much shorter than usual, and therefore it seems more deciduous.

on small bushes, of course, many zelentsov not grow.Therefore, the productivity of this species of cucumbers is not too high.However, it is quite compensated by simple care and simplicity varieties.In addition, cucumber bush is characterized in that gives the harvest for not more than 20 days, which, coupled with the early-ripening can be regarded as an undoubted advantage.Ripen fruit long before the disease begin to develop basic vegetable crops, allowing for any year save the crop completely.

Since cucumber bush grows too much aisles of this culture is much easier to handle than conventional varieties.The fruits of short-stemmed shrubs are compact and easy to enter into any jar.Zelentsy can be used in salads and for pickling and salting.

In order to get an even earlier harvest, bush cucumber varieties can be grown seedling method.To do this it is best to use peat cups.The optimum planting seedlings in the ground within twenty age, in May and June.The distance between the individual rows should be about forty-five centimeters between plants in a row - 25 cm. Caring for cucumbers shrub should be about the same as for conventional.If the soil is clay in the area, a good solution would be zamulchirovat peat it.They need to be watered more often than dlinnostebelnye varieties.

Immediately after transplanting the seedlings can be covered film.This protects the cucumbers from the bush return spring frosts and will provide an excellent harvest.However, we must remember that as soon as the seedlings Dotyanutsya film, it must be removed, otherwise avoid burns.In this regard, I preferred not to use polyethylene, and a nonwoven fabric.

cucumber bush because of its compactness is perfect for growing in small suburban areas and gardens.Zelentsy most varieties have excellent taste.Currently breeders displayed quite a number of the short cucumbers.All their names, such Malyshok, Shorty, Kid, point to their compact size and species belonging to the bush.

cucumbers Sectional easy to care for, different yields and are suitable for pickling.All this, coupled with a compact bush and good taste makes it quite appropriate to their growing suburban areas.Especially if the vegetable is not differ too much area.