The hands: Gifts for Valentine's Day?

not know how to please a loved one on Valentine's Day?Here are some ideas that will be an excellent tool for this holiday.

1. Lovely valentines
There are several possible options: you can give a greeting card giant size, specifically those what are your feelings for him.And also make little valentines with declarations of love and hide them in the most secluded places: outerwear, stockings, bra, panties and even hair.

2. Colored hearts
Another way to please your partner - cut many, many hearts out of colored paper, and each write why you love your boyfriend.Fit even the most ridiculous or incredible recognition.All these hearts put in a box, bought specially for this day.

3. Wall newspaper about love
Here you can put a maximum of your imagination, print a variety of funny quotes about love and relationships between man and woman, to remember funny or romantic stories of your life together, stick particularly beautiful pictures to decorate any hearts orcupids, and the materials need very simple - drawing paper, scissors, markers and colored paper.

4. Balloons
Very nice surprise, however, requires preparation, - fill the room with colorful balloons, they, too, can be accompanied by notes - let your beloved will find in this sea of ​​balls of your fondest thoughts about it.

5. Stay for him Eve
To do this, you need a beautiful gift box packaging, very beautiful red apple and Eve costume ... Try to present it as the symbol of his Adam!

6. Love Letter
Good old love letter never goes out of fashion.But please - handwritten!Write a declaration of love to a beautiful pink paper is desirable, roll tube, tie a silk ribbon can be added to the convolution of a scarlet rose.

7. The main prize
Give your partner a lottery ticket on which write in large letters: "My main prize - it's you!»

8. Photos with recognition
Take photos in fotoavtomate with a charming smile on his lips,holding a sign saying "I love you."

9. Calendar
Try to book a wall calendar with your best photos.Each month will accompany him your new photos!

10. Telegram
Send February 13 Beloved telegram of congratulations and recognition.But for this you need to go to the post office, located as far away from home.

11. Pillow-girlfriend
Now the store to buy paint for fabric (no toner and ink, similar to gouache).Take an ordinary pillowcase and decorate it with their confessions.If you want to - you can make a gift of bed set.Let My favorite bedtime enjoying reading the words of love.

12. The wall of love
night before to sign the holiday card (or small poems, or your "secret" phrase).And in the morning, getting up an hour earlier than usual, obkleyte of the wall from floor to ceiling.Along baseboards decomposable Christmas garland or soft toys.

13. Tree of Love
Take one large or several small branch.To become an extraordinary branch, cut it with varnish or wrap a thin white paper (pre-lubricated thread glue).Put the branch in a vase.From the pink and red cardboard hearts engrave.Hearts can be different sizes, and can be the same, the main thing to write on them the most-most word.Look forward to your favorite confessions!

14. The disc or cassette confessions
Write audio or video to your message of love, colorful Draw a box and handed them to drive your man.

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