Office plankton: the concept, the pros and cons

Office plankton.This phrase in modern life is not uncommon.All are at least roughly, what is meant.This concept summarizes the office staff, who usually do not have the workers in subjection, not too busy for a day's work, and from which the final result of the organization (firm, company) depends to a very small extent.

These comrades like to pass the time in conversation (jokes, gossip, "rumor-bones" and others), cups of tea and coffee, as well as news review (directories, social networks, forums, chat rooms, and so on. D.) On the Internet.Many are inclined to confer office plankton characteristics such as a lack of purpose in life, lack of initiative and a denial.I should say that all people are different, so the labels impose early.Everything in order.

life goals

Everyone has a dream to which aspires.We all have different goals.Someone is buying an apartment, while others - family and children, at the third - career, the fourth - only self-improvement.So can continue indefinitely.Imagine that you have come into a large working area with the employees.Here office plankton.Each employee has a desk, computer, paper and office supplies.But it's not just people.It is necessary to peer a little deeper and you will see in every person with individual goals.And suddenly the work in the office - just one more step to achieve it?

Let us examine the examples.

If the goal - career, the "planktonstvo" - is a step, albeit the lowest.If life priorities are associated with family, work (place team) is not so important.And if people like to travel?The work provides it with the financial side, and a small workload allows you to plan new adventures.And here it is again important by many factors, such as a team, the relationship with his superiors, and often occupation.Such examples are many.Worse, when the target is not present or it is, but the man did not move in her direction, finishing another cup of coffee for the report, biscuits and solitaire.


If you look objectively look at the office plankton with search pluses, we can distinguish the communication.Carrying a lot of time in the team helps to know people, learn to understand them and makes it possible to absorb the best quality.The advantages can be attributed to salary, especially if it is "good", the presence of free time which can be spent for their own purposes.In addition, work in the office with no experience behind this experience will gradually acquire.


The negative features of life office plankton are the presence of a boss who puts the problem, report the case which demands an explanation.Another drawback - it is a sedentary lifestyle.But the main drawback - it is empty, "prosizhivanie pants."If you want to open a business, to leave the country or resign and to go round the world trip - go for it!And if you work in an office does not fit your life projects, urgent drop it.