Where are the girls?

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Many say that the girls harder in his personal life;how it is difficult to find a real man, a normal guy, one who is loved, cared for, and provide a lot more then done.In fact, ladies, saying that boys are much easier to find a soul mate, wrong.Where can I find a normal girl?This question is also quite relevant.In a world where every relationship implies something special, so hard to find close by the views of human rights.

«good female»

That is a starting point for the ad, which leave the Internet in various chat rooms and other dating services.Such messages surprising is that guy "good", and the girls had not.In doing so, the young lady, as a rule, it is looking good.Such that, as it turns, and are themselves active in the search.It turns out some absurd situation where demand remains unclaimed, and trying to find their own destiny.Of course, not all the guys realize how problematic may be the question "where to find the right girl?".There is a category of young men who are familiar with the opposite sex is very easy for the reason that they do not have any internal barriers, fear of embarrassment and start talking to a woman;or women are showing interest in a guy (because of their appeal, for example).However, if you're a guy and not endowed with great beauty, and the search for the girl for you - it is an urgent task, you will help a number of tips posted in this article.

Where is the rest of the girls?

If you're the good guy from the ads and you do not have a girl in the first place to think, "How to know each couple?".For myself, I need to remember all the known cases, when your friends find your soul mate, then analyze them to understand why and how it happened.You'd be surprised, but the majority of couples formed precisely among familiar people.For example, it may be schoolmates or colleagues, which, after a few days, months or years of dating, suddenly drawn to each other.Rather, they had a kind of sympathy, they began to communicate closely, and then the meeting.Soon after the meeting, and grew into a relationship.

Of course, there are other situations.For example, the girls meet in the street, get acquainted with them in the subway, in the library, in clubs (though it is for those guys who are interested in the question "where to find a girl for the night?") And in many other places in our everyday life.Most meetings are something of a casual happy coincidence, though, of course, even for them, there are certain prerequisites.

relationship with a girl from the circle of friends or acquaintance "from scratch"?

can cite a number of arguments over what is better - familiarity with the man on the street, in the library or somewhere else, or the development of relations with the familiar girl.Let's try to formulate a number of pros and cons.So, of course, the version of the "circle of friends" is ideal for those who do not know where to find his girlfriend, and that it needs to do.One simply can start a closer communion with that which he likes, and with the development of such a dialogue, he will understand the mood of the girl about it.It is easier, because many guys this option allows you to avoid the most "painful" dating.On the other hand, to meet the man "on the street" (roughly speaking), you can diversify your circle of contacts and thus gain a good friend, or even your favorite.It may well be that one of the circle of friends on such a role can not claim.Then another argument for having to meet with the familiar - the one that you know the girl and she knows you.This is better because you see each other in different situations, and therefore can be more than sure of the veracity of her behavior and words.This is, again, a clear advantage over "meeting from scratch."At the same time, of course, these individual approaches, because somebody is easier to establish a relationship with a stranger, but someone - on the contrary, begin to meet with a friend.

What if "bad"?

If you do not like either one of these options, and you still do not know where to find a simple girl that could start dating, the best advice to you - will be examined in itself.Think about, do not you think yourself somehow less attractive, or more boring and uninteresting for the girls than the other?Think about the complexes.The fact is that many good guys have problems with self-esteem.They think that pretty girls do not want to meet and communicate with them, and therefore are afraid to speak first.Of course, it may even be the possibility that these guys have been unsuccessful attempts on the love front, after which they decided to "withdraw" for a while and closed in itself.Such a situation - it is not scary.If you also do not know where to find the girls, and partially recognized themselves, the following advice is for you: Change!But exactly how it should be done - it's up to you.For example, if you feel less attractive the other guys - the time to enroll in the gym.If you interfere with self-doubt and shyness - Go to courses of oratory or self-development.Take care of yourself, and believe me, the result will not wait long!The main thing - to want, and always remember that everything in this life can change!

When you can get acquainted with the girl?

In case if you know where to find the girl, and want to try to meet someone, with no experience in such meetings, must be well imagine, what would you like to talk to a woman, you want to addressto her, to attract attention and so on.Of course, as all your dating plan will likely change, so be ready for it.But creating it - it is a great step that eliminates many of the extra excitement and experiences.In addition, these "sketches" in mind you never run out of things to say, which is also important.When you're ready, you can try to meet someone.However, even if you know where to find the girl in Moscow, do not forget about the appropriate time for this.Firstly, you must know exactly what is the one with which you want to meet, free and could communicate today, and secondly, you can not throw on it and be intrusive, trying to make contact.Everything should look natural, for example, accidentally thrown phrase or some remarks about anything.

continue dating right

Obviously, every acquaintance must be properly continued.To this end, the main thing - to leave behind a good impression, and, of course, to establish real contact in the form of exchange of the telephone number or other means of communication.For example, if you live in a dorm, you can find out where is your (now) familiar and somehow to come back to her.This is important, because as you give each other to understand that you are interested in further dialogue, following the meeting, and hence the development of relations to a certain level.Of course, this is not just the level of the novel can be, but at least as friends talk you begin.Successfully so acquainted with at least one of the fairer sex, you will already know where to find a good girl and get some experience in communication.

First Dates

first dates are a special theme for reflection on where to find a good girl.Of course, it all depends on what you (as a woman) would expect from a relationship and that she would be ready.Before you start dating, imagine your ideal date.It is advisable to disassemble it in detail, to understand what you want.Then you can be sure you have a goal.It consists in how you and your new girlfriend to hold meetings.And, despite the fact that it will be held, probably, otherwise, you'll understand why you need this relationship and how do you see your mate.Depending on how much will be different opinions about this, you'll realize how much you have in common.

disagreement regarding

As for you question remains as to where the girls are the other guys, you do not think about the differences that might arise between you.However, once you start dating when held a certain period (it all depends on your character with it), will be inevitable disagreements that may even develop into a quarrel.Although, as noted above, during the "dreams" about this one, as a rule, I do not think, and it's - okay.When your pair quarrel arises - do not give up.Understand that this is a normal process.Be sure that the reasons for which these quarrels arise, will soon disappear, and relations remain.Moreover, over time, they will grow and evolve to the next level.Your task - to enjoy it, loving each other.

goals set

man in all respects, both partners put the defined objectives.Of course, they can be formulated, not all, but somewhere in the subconscious level, when the question is asked: "Where can I find a normal girl?" - One knows exactly what will be the most "normal" and that he is waiting on her.For men, for that matter, and for women, a lot of goals, and they are determined in each case individually.However, the most popular among the representatives of the strong half of humanity are more global objective (see, to live and get married), less serious (encounter a certain time) and generally short-term (the girl for the night).Of course, this grading is too rough, and all the guys can not "fit" into these categories.Moreover, men often do not know to which group they identified themselves starting a new relationship.However, the meaning of this division is clear.

Goals that put women

girls who are seeking boys, divided into seeking a serious relationship (as in the case with the guys who want to meet up before marriage), less serious (at the time) and non-serious (at once).However, there is a perception that girls are more inclined to refine the image of the man of her dreams.Thus, it is believed that women are looking for a protector, breadwinner, the children's father, and so on.It is possible, and about men can say the same thing, but perhaps their grading criteria less "extensive."One of the main criteria is the appearance of such, followed by the mind and character.That all men are assessed when questioned about where you can find the girl.For the ladies it is not only the beauty, intelligence and character of the man, but his condition, charm, humor and so on.Although, of course, this is debatable, to cite the example of men (called Alfonso) who are wondering about where to find a rich girl with wealthy parents (she would have sponsored the elect).

experience in love and relationships

some guys who still do not know where the girls sometimes have thoughts about whether they behave correctly in a relationship, whether they can meet the expectations of his girlfriend and so on.Regarding this would also like to note that there is nothing to fear.The whole experience, which has humanity, to turn out in practice.This is especially true of experience in matters of love, where all purely individual and to give any specific advice can not be.Therefore, dear man, do not worry - all you get, and will be good, because through it are many.

overcome difficulties with a smile!

If you've found your soul mate - be happy!If you do not know where to find a beautiful girl - do not despair!You certainly will succeed, because there are so many young ladies who surely would love you if they knew you better.Therefore, do not stop searching for - namely, to improve ourselves, become more positive, kinder, brighter and more beautiful - and the whole world to you will be pulled!And do not forget about the smile - the main key to success in this world.