How to speed up the installation of games on your PC?

Few people know how to speed up the installation of games.Many players are trying to install any downloaded another project waiting sometimes for hours, until it can go.In fact, often the problem is that you simply have an outdated computer, and sometimes the game does have such a large volume and a lot of files, their installation takes a long time.In such situations, it is to proceed as follows.

Change Winchester

first thing that is responsible for the speed of information processing on the computer - this is the hard drive.

Hard drive is the heart of the computer, because we use the PC as a means of information processing, and in any system unit this function takes on a hard drive installed in it.Modern drives differ not only in volume, but also on a number of other technical parameters, including the speed of processing various information during recording.

It is worth noting the fact that today is not particularly productive, instead of hard disks it is possible to establish the so-called solid-state drives.If you like to download the modern computer games and you are not too important an immense amount of memory in your computer, you should immediately replace your standard hard drive to a new SSD, which will allow you not only to deal with the problem of how to speed up the installation of games, but also significantlyincrease the productivity of the computer, which is also quite important.Such devices are relatively expensive when compared with the cost price of the hard disk, but their performance is increased by several times compared to conventional HDD.

For this reason, if you are looking for a way on how to speed up the installation of games, you need to make sure that you really was a quality and efficient hard drive.

Change DVD-ROM

If you are installing the game is not out of the computer, that is not downloading licensed projects from official sites, but just get them on physical media, you also need to take care of as specified in your system unit and DVD-ROM'a.Modern drives differ is on speed reading files from physical storage, so there's nothing complicated to choose the best option for themselves.

However, it is worth to say that thinking about replacing your DVD-drive should only be the case if you really use the disk space for installation.If you simply prefer to download interesting projects from the Internet and you have a question about how to speed up the installation of games after downloading them, you do not need to worry about the quality of this element, as in this case, it plays absolutely no role.


small memory is also quite frequent reason why the games installed on your computer for a long time.Therefore, if you know that you have the really high-quality and efficient drive, as well as use the most modern drive, but certain games will still continue to slow during the installation, it will be possible to think about what the problem isinsufficient amount of RAM on the computer.

There are two options:

  • Add board.
  • Replace existing.

Adding fees is relevant only if you have provided at the moment the possibility of additions.Quite often, initially in the system unit is built only one board, but there are a few free slots, enabling expansion.Thus it is possible to solve the problem of how to speed up the installation of games on Windows 7 and other operating systems.If you have already added once the board memory, and at the moment all the slots are occupied, then it is necessary to replace the already installed board to a volume.

Clear computer

last option how to speed up the installation of the game - it is to clean your computer from all sorts of "rubbish".In principle, this procedure is quite important, as often happens, the computer is simply blocked all sorts of "rubbish", but you do not even know, nor do they know about the possibility of his flock.In such cases, help programs like CCleaner, which conducted a full analysis of the computer and erase all the extra data.Because of this you will not only increase the performance of your machine, but also free up space on your hard drive, which is also quite important for many people.

If you're trying to figure out how to speed up the installation of games GTA 5, just keep installed on your computer Windows Media Player, the game is not to "swear" during the installation.