How to change language in "Skyrim" and why is it necessary?

Many people today are looking for how to change the language in the "Skyrim."Someone just downloaded the official version, which was distributed not in Russian, others want to enter any commands in the console, but can not do so because, on the contrary, the game was originally set for the Russian language, which the console is defined as a strange set of characters.

In fact, there is a fairly simple procedure of how to change the language in the "Skyrim" in both cases.

Why do it?

first problem - is the impossibility of playing with English.Today, not everyone knows it, even at a basic level, so downloading from various unscrupulous resources incorrect version of the game, find that they generally can not perform normal activities because they do not understand the mission objectives and the meaning of various keys.Such people are particularly useful to know how to change the language in "Skyrim."

second option - is the inability to enter into the console or another team.This is due to the fact

that even the Russian version of the game does not provide for the introduction of Cyrillic characters on the console, and in principle, it is not necessary, because all the commands can be registered exclusively in Latin.For this reason, trying to introduce something to the console, a person just sees some strange set of identical squares.Due to the fact that the system does not accept these squares as symbols, not all at once understand what the matter is that the game is set to Russian.

licensed version?Lightly

If you have a licensed version, in that case did not have any problems with how to change the language in "Skyrim."During the game enter the gaming community by key combination Shift + Tab.Then choose any of his friend and join with him through correspondence.Dealing with it is not needed, it is sufficient in a text string, which fits into a message, just click the right mouse button and select the appropriate language.

change the layout

If you have a non-genuine version, in that case you'll have to do a little bit longer, but the same procedure.In this case, we consider such an option: you enter a console - the language of "Skyrim" is displayed as a Russian - as it is set at the moment on the computer.So you just need to temporarily disable your computer the ability to write in Russian, and it is done as follows.

In the "Control Panel" to find the point "Change keyboards".Then, opening the item, go to the "Keyboard Language", click "Edit" in the drop-down tab, choose the default language is English, and Russian keyboard altogether removed.

It is worth noting that this version of how to change the language in the console "Skyrim" is one of the best, because often you can start to enter commands even without restarting the game.However, in some situations, this option does not help initially, but, among other things, provides for even a full reboot the computer to start all work fine, and in the future could freely use a variety of console commands.

Change root files

This option involves changing the root file of the game.In particular, this technology is how to change the language in the console "Skyrim" envisages changes to the file skyrim.ini, which is located in the folder "My Documents" / My Games / Skyrim.

Once you open the file, find the following line: [General] sLanguage = RUSSIAN.It is necessary to warn that in any case it will be impossible to remove this line, because otherwise you do not be able to enter the console any team.That is why, if you are looking for how to switch the language in the "Skyrim", just after this line enter the following command: sConsole = ENGLISH.Now all the commands that you will enter the console initially be perceived as a Latin game, so you can start using any codes.

The only thing that is worth noting: Unlike the previous method, this provides a complete restart of the game console to really start to take command normally.