As in GTA 5 earn on the stock exchange in different ways?

Series GTA games in its history offered gamers a unique opportunity, especially when it came to earning virtual money.Now you can try out for the fifth episode of this wonderful series, while experienced all the modern innovations.They are quite a lot, but among them there are a few that are attracting the most attention.For example, in the fifth episode were first introduced stock exchanges, through which you can earn money by trading in shares of various companies.In this article you will learn how to make money in the GTA 5 on the stock exchange, since this variant of earnings is not only the most exciting but also one of the most profitable.

Online Exchange

Before you begin to deal with the way in GTA 5 earn on the stock exchange, you need to get an idea of ​​what all can be exchanges in this game.Do not think that a lot of them here.In fact, you will find only two, but they differ radically.You should start with BAWSAQ, which will attract the attention of all gamers are fond of a multiplayer

mode.The fact that the exchange depends entirely on-line mode, i.e. steps gamers worldwide affect how will rise and fall rates for specific actions.Accordingly, it is quite risky trading point, because you can not control price fluctuations.But, and here will profit much higher if you are able to adjust to the rhythm of her work and learn how to extract the profits.But you need to know how to make money in the GTA 5 on the stock exchange.Otherwise, you can spend a lot of money completely wasted.


If you are interested in how to earn in GTA 5 on the stock exchange in the single-player mode, here you first pay attention to the other exchange, called LCN.It has no connection with the online mode, so there you will be able to closely monitor the maximum price fluctuations, respectively, significantly reducing the risks and increasing the income you can get.You should remember that all of your actions affect how the changing stock prices.For more information, you'll learn a little later.But while prices rise and fall on their own, without your influence, but not as much, but these variations are also worth taking into account, in order to achieve success in this field in the GTA 5. How to make a lot of money on the stock exchange?Now you know it.

How to trade on the stock exchange?

One of the most common mistakes novice gamers is that the first question they ask is about GTA 5 is: how to make a lot of money on the stock exchange?It's not the right way, because for high earnings need to seriously invest, and without the proper experience and understanding of the principles you can very quickly lose almost everything.Accordingly, first you need to get started on the exchange, getting a small profit.Make it easy.You just have to go to the menu of one of the stock exchanges and view the dynamics of stock prices of various companies.Choose those with a positive dynamics, that is the price of their shares grow.Buy these shares, to then be able to sell them at a higher price.Now you know something about how to play the stock market in the GTA 5. Can you spend some time for such bids, as long as you gain experience, but you must understand that the state is thus not earn.Your best move - a direct impact on prices, which will be discussed below.

Impact on competitors

If you think you know everything about how to play the stock market in the GTA 5, you're wrong.It is not enough simply to buy and sell stocks, to say that you have become an expert on the exchange.For example, most likely you do not know about the competition between several companies.But you can use this factor to earn more.How the competition in this case?For example, there are two competing companies for the production of weapons.If you are buying large quantities of weapons from the one, the competitor share prices begin to fall, and at the company they grow.Accordingly, you can use it to purchase shares of a competitor and selling shares in the company from whom you purchased the weapon.As you can see in GTA 5 money on the stock exchange can be made more active.

impact on prices

However, this is not the only way how to make money on the stock exchange in GTA 5. PC-version, as well as the console counterparts, offer you the opportunity to directly influence the stock prices of specific companies.Example with the purchase of a large consignment of products and price increases have already been dismantled.But you can also work in reverse.For example, one vendor to blow up cars and then lost in the purchase price of the shares of the company in order to sell them much more expensive.


And of course, you will in any case we must not forget that after some scene assignments position on the stock exchange will change radically.You need to know all these missions to time buy and sell shares, as a percentage of profit in this case may reach 300%.To achieve this, you need to buy a maximum of shares of a particular company just before you perform the mission.Upon its completion, you will need to wait a little - no more than three days, after which you can sell the shares.In most cases, you raise from fifty to ninety percent of the profits.This is an impressive amount, especially if you invest a lot in the promotion.