Pregnancy and Beauty: Hair loss after childbirth

When people talk about feminine beauty bloom during pregnancy, the last but not least we have in mind the excellent state of her hair.Most pregnant women hair becomes thicker and more luxuriant, they practically fall out and look great.This is especially noticeable in the later stages of pregnancy.

Such discard status of the hair, however, as the nails and the skin of a pregnant woman helps saturate the body with vitamins, nutrients and beneficial hormones.

hair after childbirth

However, nothing lasts forever, and some time after birth the young mother reluctantly discovers that her hair out "shocks", is admired by men and wistfully girlfriends turn into "Patli" very pitiful species.This shreds lost hair every time still on the comb, pillow collar.

woman, and it usually is not very satisfied with their appearance in this period, often drops his hands and prepares to pass the rest of his life in a wig.However, all is not so bad, and say goodbye with thick beautiful hair after childbirth, at least, premature.

only disappointing news on this subject concerns blondes, darkened after birth - their original hair color will be only in the photographs.Darkening of the hair after giving birth - this is quite a frequent phenomenon associated with the body's hormonal changes after pregnancy, childbirth and during lactation.

What happens to the hair after birth?

What causes such unpleasant for a woman to change their number and structure?There are several reasons.

First, the hair falls out constantly because a healthy person scalp is constantly updated.However, the hair falls out in small amounts, so the "naked eye" changes are not noticeable.During pregnancy, the hair does not really fall out, so the body after birth "catching up."If the condition of the scalp and blood circulation is normal, excessive hair loss occurs, and stops the process quickly.

Another cause of hair loss after birth is that after delivery, during lactation in women dramatically decreases the level of the female sex hormones - estrogen, which, in particular, "responsible" for the state of the hair.Approximately the same reason, thinning hair often after menopause.

In addition, the hair can fall out due to stress, chronic sleep deprivation, malnutrition, lack of certain trace elements, such as calcium, malnutrition hair roots, poor blood circulation.Finally, the process of hair loss can affect a woman operation transferred from general anesthesia, including an emergency Caesarean section.

so that the reasons for hair loss in young mothers, especially breastfeeding, abound.And lack of sleep, and constant excitement - it's constant companions of the first months of motherhood, and if we take into account also the hormonal changes, the situation with the hair becomes completely understandable.

So we can say that the intensive hair loss - is a natural process.And, like any natural process, it has a beginning and an end: after about six months after birth ends hormonal changes the body, and with it the problem of hair loss.

However, other reasons for the deterioration of hair after giving birth can be saved and after the establishment of a hormonal background.Therefore, the young mother from the first weeks or even days after the birth, it is imperative to find time not only to care for the crumbs and wife cooking dinner, but also to care for themselves, and in particular the hair.With proper care overly strong hair loss and thinning can be prevented and damaged hair and scalp to restore.

In order to help the weak, and hair fall out after childbirth is necessary to strengthen them.

well for this centuries-tested traditional recipes for hair masks of rye bread, egg yolk, warm whey.You can rinse hair decoction of herbs such as nettle or roots calamus and burdock.Many young mothers is very good rubbing the hair roots of burdock oil or jojoba oil.Such popular recipes for hair strengthening - a great variety, and each new mother will be able to choose an appropriate one.

It makes sense to cut your hair shorter after delivery, it will help resume the rapid growth of new stronger hair.And not necessarily to make a short cut, simply to "freshen up" the hair.

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