Dietary pizza: the existence of proven!

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Pizza is considered a classic representative of fast food - such harmful and ruthless to the figure.Passion for her, along with a variety of burgers and hot dogs, do not spoil the silhouette of one American, and representatives of the clan irreconcilable fighters for slenderness and thinness are accustomed to perceive it as a personal enemy.Under these terrible accusations tend to get absolutely all types of pizza, which is very unfair to this ancient Italian dishes.

Diet pizza - Myth or Reality?

In the classic recipe pizza in black and white that it is preparing the dough exclusively from water, yeast, olive oil, by the way, does not contain cholesterol, and salt.Moreover, ordinary wheat flour is recommended to mix with whole grain - product, irreplaceable on the table forever slimming ladies.Calorie-hundred grams of the test is about 240 calories, and as for the pizza it should be roll out very thinly.For comparison, the average slice of bread weighs 10-15 grams - hardly a piece of dough into a pizza weighs more.However, all this is true of Italian pizza, for which the dough is rolled out to a thickness of 5 mm, but not when it comes to so-called American pizza with a thick dough.

Exploring the question of the existence of dietary pizza on, you can come to the conclusion that everything depends on the topping - that is the filling for this dish.During the existence of the pizza, dating back in the days of antiquity, its options "covering" was coined more than enough.

Although initially topping was a tomato sauce, cheese "mozzarella" and Italian herbs.Agree, is not the most high-calorie product set.It appears this filling for traditional pizza "Margarita", got its name from the Italian Queen - passionate devotedly this dish.Enjoy this diet and also tasty pizza can be, for example, thanks to the company «Pizza Factory» , which has branches all over Moscow.

As part of fillings for different kinds of pizza can be vegetables, mushrooms and seafood - the food, recommended for those who observe dietary food.Of course, recipes for pizza with bacon, salami and pepperoni difficult to attribute to diet, but they are not in question.Therefore, to ensure that the pizza does not hurt the figure, it should be just good to get a grasp of the topping it.Incidentally, in the menu "Pitstsafabrika" there exists up to nine types of pizza that can be characterized as low-calorie.

However, if you decide to "put" themselves in the very very rigid diet, enjoy yummy offered by this company, you will temporarily contraindicated.But even here there are loopholes that allow enjoy the amazing invention of Italian cooking, is rapidly losing weight.

options for pizza lovers strict diets

Pizza by today's standards - the concept is quite wide.There are many recipes for the dough to it, among which you can easily find those that will meet the perfect diet menu with low-calorie.It is estimated that the total energy content of the diet for the girl longed to lose weight as soon as possible, should be no more than 1200 kcal.There are diets in which the figure is even smaller, but they are bordering on starvation, so it's best to go back to the version from 1200 kcal.For it is perfect pizza dough on the basis of whole wheat, buckwheat or oat flour.

To this should be added a low-calorie yogurt or cottage cheese, and use a little olive oil.Excellent filling for a pizza superdietichesky serve chicken, mushrooms, low-fat cheeses, along with various vegetables, essential in the diet.Such, for example, can be chosen by nutritionists, broccoli, asparagus, green beans, corn, peppers and even celery.And if you dilute the seafood mixed vegetables or lean tuna, a topping for pizza dough is quite low calorie is permissible even models with a phobia extra kilos.

Dietary pizza from the above set of products can be cooked alone, but much more pleasant solution would be to visit one of the branches of "Pitstsafabrika" about the wonderful menu that has been said above.

Facts for dietichnosti pizza

One American who owns his own pizzeria, decided on personal experience to prove that all allegations of excessive calorie pizza - real slander.For this purpose, it is every day for months tried to 8 pieces of his own made pizza.

The structure of her fillings could include onions, hot peppers, seafood, poultry fillet, pineapple, broccoli and low-fat cheese.The results of this experiment exceeded expectations and sparked a glimmer of hope for fans of slimming pizza - American pizza resourceful host lost almost 10 kg.True, he was actively engaged cardio, alternating them with the power load, which is a standard program for weight loss.But this is a nuance.

in a crazy rhythm of the giant metropolis is difficult to find time to practice on the simulator.It is necessary to do some shopping and buy everything you need for the house, pick up from the junior kindergarten, senior drive to the gym and .. eshsche redo a bunch of small things.When?For example, an option: order delivery pizza at home, freeing himself from the routine of the day grocery shopping and cooking.A free time can be used on a favorite ... Including for training on simulators.