Militarization - it's one of the reasons for the collapse of socialism in the USSR

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The protection of borders and the security of citizens - one of the main functions of the state.Military spending accounts for a certain part of the budget of any country.Their value is formed on the basis of two main parameters.The first one and most important - is the degree of external threat that the country feels.A second predetermined capacity of the national economy, in particular the size of the gross domestic product (GDP)."Guns or butter?"- This question repeatedly asked the leaders of their people, though not always want to hear an honest answer.

militarization - is the excessive increase in the share of military spending.It can be caused by a number of factors, both external and domestic.

Leon Trotsky, arguing at the IX Congress of the RCP (b) to Vl.Smirnov on the transition of the economy of the young Soviet republic on a war footing, insisted that the peasant and industrial work should be organized along the same lines as the military service, justifying this approach a hostile environment.Moreover, the chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council considered that the militarization - is only a half-measure, and has been a supporter of the mobilization of the entire working-age population in the labor army.

position of the country in those years was similar to the situation in the besieged fortress.The objective is no defense, and the spread of Marxism in as many territories with a view to engaging in a socialist alliance of all the countries on the planet.

priority development of heavy industry, which became a corollary of the 20s the policy of industrialization, was aimed at the creation of a production base, which allows to produce arms in quantities never seen before.Significantly increased the overall energy intensity of the economy, requiring the construction of a fundamentally new energy complex.All these measures were aimed at improving the welfare of the population, on the contrary, the people were required to tighten their belts.

This approach required the priority development of the military-industrial complex.Actually, the militarization of the Soviet Union was not limited to the fact that some enterprises produced defense products.Almost all the production capacity of the country were involved in the process of preparing for war.For many decades in each plant or plant part of the production taken voenvedom, regardless of the profile and departmental affiliation.

Radio engineering, clothing, food, tractors and machine-building industry working primarily for defense.Consumer goods produced as a residual.So covertly militarization.This phenomenon weighed heavy burden on the Soviet economy, selecting the best talent and a truly great resources.

special word deserves the militarization of space.The world's first satellite was put into orbit a military intercontinental missile, created to deliver nuclear warheads to targets.Thus, the priority of the Soviet Union in the development of near-Earth space due to the achievements of the defense industry.

Most Soviet passenger liners were created on the basis of a constructive strategic bombers and transport planes.

burden of military spending is ultimately proved unsupportable even for so rich in natural and human resources of the country as the Soviet Union.Excessive militarization - is one of the reasons why a socialist economy collapsed.