How to write a love letter to the boy, man

ladies are accustomed to, that men embody courage, resourcefulness, rebellious spirit, strength and perseverance, and a rush of emotion, excitement, tears of happiness - that is their inheritance.Of course, it's all true, and yet every young man or a mature man in the guise of the above advantages hides unwise need romance in earnest looks and refined details.The society has developed stereotyped idea of ​​what guys like alien manifestation "knightly deeds", which can be read only in fairy tales.In fact this is not true.Historically, the strong half of humanity was responsible for the production of provisions and protection from enemies of their family, while women cared about the comfort of your home, led the household and raising children.That is why the ladies got the role of a "instigators" in romantic relationships, which creates a romantic atmosphere where the man plays the role of spectator at the same time participating in the play.

As eloquently express their feelings guy?

When people meet each other and between the spark of love, every detail is of paramount importance.Sometimes you want to remember all previously read historical novels, where brave heroes commit unspeakable acts, and expects them under cover of night ladies lyrical and eloquent but know their feelings.Today it seems to have an archaism, but there is a sure way to tell about your feelings - write a love letter to your loved guy.

Lovers hours do not notice, but eagerly await any news from the faithful.In the world of computer technology to hear the native voice or get a written response became available within a few minutes, but nothing can replace the feelings when you take in hand a piece of paper and read the words written on the heart.Especially it is nice to get a love letter to the boy from a distance, before meeting when every minute counted.So get down to business.

How to write a love letter to boyfriend?

important things in the main style, so special attention should be paid to detail.You can write an ordinary recognition on notebook sheet and put it in a standard envelope, but in such a case of loss of the charm of such an act.It is desirable to choose a non-standard paper, dense and possibly unusual color.Some very impressionable ladies tend to decorate a love letter to boyfriend different stickers in the form of hearts and angelkov.This should be avoided in order not to spoil the moment, and not to frighten the elect.

give his words a historical color and hint of serious feelings will help ink.Fountain pen do letters kalligrafichnymi the text and give a sophisticated look.Pre-standing practice on the wrong piece of paper, so as not to put a blot in the message.So when all the technical aspects of thought, you can begin the actual process of writing.

Creating a favorable atmosphere

decision has been taken, and she accepted to write a love letter to the boy about love, but the thoughts are running out of my head, and the desire to turn on the computer and spy several options for text increases in geometric progression.The pitfalls are not perfect, but it is better to abandon this venture and to direct energy to the creation of a favorable atmosphere.Turn on your favorite music, take a comfortable position, remember most pleasant moments spent together, imagine the face of a loved one and try to mentally hold a dialogue with him, telling about his feelings.It may sound corny, even weird, but practice shows that such techniques always work.

Sometimes, after a hard call muse eloquent syllable help warm bath with essential oils.Everyone has their own recipe for relaxation, it is important to help women enter the serene state of harmony and happiness, this is especially true when you want to write a love letter to a guy in the distance.

Beauty in details

We have already written that should be treated with special attention to detail.But if the earlier emphasis on the fact that the paper and layout of the text should touch the most delicate strings of the soul men, now we are talking about the aesthetic pleasure of the ladies ventured into the act.Love Letter guy - creative literary process, and the workplace, as well as stationery should help the writer to express their feelings.By surrounding himself with beautiful things and think carefully about the color combination of paper and ink, she unconsciously feel in harmony with itself, that will give her mastery of Peru.

Love Letter guy without despair

There are times when there is a crisis in relations and the letter serves as a lifeboat, where one of the lovers may pour out his soul on paper.In such a situation may turn out to be a girl who is not sure of reciprocity in men, and ventured to the recognition, she decided to write him a letter.It is important to remember - the man immediately catch the note of despair in the text and it could scare him.

Being male, every guy subconsciously looking for a companion the best, strong, resolute and at the same time feminine.It must be able to resist the temptation, even if one of them is he.Text recognition is to narrate the love of unconditional feelings to him about wanting to support it in a meaningful situation for him, of gratitude and happiness of women, which he called such emotions.It is necessary to avoid the dependent phrases like "Ever since I met you, I can not sleep!I always think of you, and a few seconds before we met! ".Strongly advisable to mention jealousy or speak negatively about a third party in a letter - all this greatly alienate man.

Sincerity and no trite phrases

Men though sentient beings are the same as women, but do not underestimate their intelligence.Platitudes, and especially excerpts from well-known throughout the school works very striking.Beloved might think, if the lady wants to make fun of him, and not serious to treat its recognition.It may even cause it hurt.


What you need to write a beautiful letter?Philological education is not necessary.The main thing is the ability to express thoughts nicely.Inarticulate phrases rather repel interlocutor, rather than help him to feel the essence.Love Letter guy should not qualify for the Pulitzer Prize, but it's worth a little prepared.Light turns poetic available to everyone.The main thing is to be sincere and a little to dilute the text meaningful phrase "depth of feeling", "smell your neck", "bright eyes" and so on.These phrases will not look corny, but the guy will be impressed and agitated.

Impersonal letter

This factor is very thin, but it is the place to be, as every man, being a male in nature, inclined to deny the love of romantic intrigues ladylove.It can be under the impression leave a love note somewhere in a visible place, where someone of his colleagues accidentally read.This can lead to embarrassment, where a man behaves inappropriately.To avoid such misunderstandings, better replace it with the name of the affectionate nickname, but does not get involved in "bunny", "lion" and "sweeties".

On the other hand, argued Dale Carnegie, everyone kind to her name and loves when he uttered aloud.For the brave lady who resolutely not afraid of embarrassing situations and is ready for any outcome event, it is typical to turn to the beloved name.The main thing is to write it correctly (the words of foreign origin), so as not to look foolish.

As part with the guy to write him a letter?

Occasionally not destined to develop further, and people should disperse to make other people happy.How to write a love letter to a guy with whom you want to end the relationship?Firstly, it is necessary to reproduce the memory all the nice things that you linked.After all, not everything went wrong, there were days when you were happy together.The letter is sure to mention the man to thank for all that he has done for you.In this situation, a love letter to a guy - an example to follow!This gesture guaranteed to leave the brightest memories of the girl.