What are electromagnetic waves

Few people know that the radiation of electromagnetic nature permeates the entire universe.Electromagnetic waves are propagating in space.Depending on the frequency of the oscillation waves are conditional on the separation of visible light, radio-frequency spectrum, the infrared range, and so on. The practical existence of electromagnetic waves has been proved experimentally in 1880 by the German scientist H. Hertz (incidentally, the unit of frequency is named in his honor).

From physics course known that the magnetic field is a special type of matter.Despite the fact that the eye can see only a small part of it, its effect on the material world is enormous.Electromagnetic waves are consistent dissemination in the interaction vectors of the magnetic and electric fields.However, the word "distribution" in this case is not quite correct: it is, rather, a wave-like perturbation of the space.The reason for generating electromagnetic waves, is the emergence in the space changes over time of the electric field.As you know, there is a direct connection between the electric and magnetic fields.Suffice it to recall the rule that around any conductor current magnetic field is present.The particle, which are electromagnetic waves, begins to waver, and if there is movement, so there is radiation energy.The electric field of the light is transmitted at a rate of neighboring particle at rest, as a result of the newly generated electric field of nature.And as the interrelated fields, follow the magnetic.The process spreads like an avalanche.In this real movement, but there is hesitation particles.

On the possibility of the practical use of this type of oscillation physics thought for a long time.In the modern world the energy of electromagnetic waves so widely used that many people do not even notice, taking it for granted.A striking example - radio waves, without which it would not be possible on televisions and mobile phones.

process is as follows: on a special form of a metallic conductor (antenna) is constantly transmitted modulated alternating current.Due to the properties of the electric current around the electrical conductor occurs, and then by the magnetic field, resulting in the emission of electromagnetic waves is carried out.Since the oscillation frequency is modulated, they carry a certain order, the coded information.To capture the desired frequency, the recipient receiving antenna installed special design.It allows you to take away from the overall desired frequency electromagnetic background.Once on the metal receiver, the wave is partially converted into electric current source modulation.Then they hit the reinforcing block and control the operation of the device (move the speaker cone, turn the TV screens in the electrodes).

current obtained from electromagnetic waves, can be easily seen.It's enough to bare residential cable from the antenna to the receiver, touch the total mass (radiators, ground loop).At this point, between the mass residential and spark jumps - this is the manifestation of the current generated by the antenna.Its value is greater, the closer and more powerful transmitter.It is also significantly affected by the configuration of the antenna.

Another manifestation of electromagnetic waves, which many face daily in the home - is the use of a microwave oven.Rotating lines cross field strength subject and transfer some of their energy by heating it.