Tip: how to find the subnet mask?

during network configuration raises a lot of questions: how to find the subnet mask, default gateway, IP-address.With the first option, and we now face it.Customers in the initial network setup and often do not know where to enter these parameters.All


If we talk about what a subnet mask, how do you know this
option, it should be noted that this can be done by looking the settings of your network connection.Navigate to the "Start" menu, which is on the toolbar.Find the tab "Settings", select "Network Connections."Thus, we have opened a window of the same name.If you have a network connection, in this window, they will all be displayed.However, if you do not see the corresponding notation, you must create a new connection.Then we look at how to find the subnet mask, when everything has already been created.First of all, the right mouse button, click on the designation of a network connection.Next in the ensuing menu, click "Properties".

Working with properties

After done actions in front of you there is a window titled "Properties".Here, we need to find the function of the components that are used when connecting.Slide the scroll bar down, get an item called "Internet Protocol".Left-click on the item.Slightly below the button will become active "Properties".Click on it and a window will appear, in charge of the Internet Protocol, where you can see the IP-address of the computer, as well as the subnet mask.By the way, if necessary, you can learn a subnet mask over IP.However, it is usually not necessary because the mask value at all times identically:'s look at how to find the subnet mask if your network connection is configured for the first time, and what steps still need to accomplish.In this case, in the properties of the Internet Protocol after specifying the IP-address, press the left mouse button in the "Subnet Mask", so the value that we need to set (, will be filled in automatically.

Change subnet mask

During perestroika local network or association in a single multiple networks need to change the values ​​of the individual parameters.It is best to do it on their own, not relying on changing the settings automatically.To combine multiple LAN, you need to connect routers or hubs, which are a part of each of the networks.It is strictly forbidden Connect network devices ring way.In most cases, any of the computers that formed a part of the network, access is possible, without performing any additional configuration.

may Arise problem only if you want to install a shared printer, or create a joint network resources.To prevent in-network error, you must configure the installed network adapters.So we looked at how to find the subnet mask, and learned why we need this option.