How to update "Android" on the tablet in different ways?

Donut, Gingerbread, Froyo, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean - is a delicious sweet or different distributions of the operating system Android.In this article, it is affected by the second value.

While computer "shell" of Apple are named in honor of the big predatory cats (Snow Leopard, and so on), and "Microsoft" chooses incoherent combination of letters, numbers and words (XP, 7, Vista), "Android "prefer a more subtle, more" delicious "approach.However, this should not have to relax - the schedule of releases so swift that it sometimes seems even aggressive.For example, eight operating system versions have been released only in the period from 2009 to 2012.

This rate, which is updated platform, is a common problem for users of tablets, especially for those who use many modern applications.It is up to them to hear questions about how to install the "Android" on the tablet is in the new version, or upgrade to the latest distribution.


It's important and substantive issues.But before you start planning the update, you should definitely take a few minutes to back up all data from the tablet.This is done using built-in tools Android and performed quite easily.Just go to "Settings", then - "Privacy", check the boxes next to the values ​​of "Backup" and "Automatic restore".Thus, if the update "Android" on a plate "Samsung" (or other brand) will not work well, and you have to perform a reset to factory settings, all your information ranging from photos and ending with application settings will be saved.You can copy the data in the online store, and the hard drive of your PC or even on another gadget.

What you should know before the upgrade?

Now that you have completed all the formalities, you are ready to carry out the instructions on how to update the "Android" on the tablet.

Before the upgrade version, it is important to know that some manufacturers have a habit of adding the various "skins" or user interface to their unit had its own individual characteristics.As a result of the same Ice Cream Sandwich, for example, would look very different on the plates of different firms.So before you update the "Android" on the tablet, you should remember that this system, with open source, so the new settings of the camera or on the desktop may seem uncomfortable.

If you want to see which operating system you are running, go to the Settings menu and click on the item "About tablet".It should display the current version of Android.

immediately the process

So, there are three common ways of how to update the "Android" on the tablet:

1. In the settings menu, click "Update".The tablet must be registered with the manufacturer to see if there is available a new version of the OS, and then run the appropriate setting.

2. Go to the manufacturer's website.Any known today tablet manufacturer will have its own website with technical support that serves as an update of the latter type, and drivers for each of their models.Visit this site using a web browser of your devaysa, and you get the option to upgrade, and other applications.

3. Connecting to a computer.Almost all manufacturers offer their own plates with settings that allow them to communicate with other computers.Synchronize your tablet PC, launch their proprietary software and follow the instructions.You can restart your operating system for a few minutes to zero.

How to update Android on the tablet?Appeal to the producer - is the best way.It will help you save on your device warranty.