What are the causes of hiccups in newborns

Very often, little babies hiccup.Such a reaction of the body may occur after eating, walking, laughing or after active play.Many parents worry too much about this, but the cause of hiccups in newborns is not as scary as they seem.Now we will briefly look at some of them.

If how to watch, you will notice that most babies hiccup after walking in the open air, especially during the cold season.This is due to the fact that the environment is characterized by low temperature, to which the body reacts to your children of it hiccups.Also, the baby this way straying breath as he stays a long time in a cold room and freeze.Eliminated such causes hiccups in newborns by wrapping, warming the heat of his body.

baby's body is much more sensitive than ours, so it is more responsive to any external and internal stimuli.Causes of hiccups in newborns and may be covered in the internal supercooling associated with the consumption of large amounts of fluid.Therefore, make sure that he eats and drinks your child, an

d hiccup will rarely visit it.

As with adults, the causes of hiccups in newborns may be covered in thirst, severe emotional distress or even overeating.Most often babies hiccup after a lot of laughs, indulge with senior or their peers.Also, these interruptions in breathing occur when after eating the baby is not drinking enough fluids.Therefore, it is important to ensure that such a situation occurred as rarely as possible, and as soon as crumb starts to hiccup, just give him a drink and calm down.

sign of serious illness can be hiccups in newborns.Causes of respiratory failure lie or birth injuries, or a bad cold.If the baby is constantly hiccups, and Vodicka does not help him to regain his breath, contact your doctor.Perhaps this is a sign of pneumonia, bronchitis or the flu.Often hiccups caused by intestinal disorders, stomach work.Also, babies breath depends on the work of the spinal cord.If at birth some of its parts were damaged, most likely you still in the hospital appointed the necessary procedures, the schedule to be followed.

is often traced unfounded hiccups in newborns.How to get rid of this phenomenon depends on the individual.Somehow, the children help stroking and gentle massage.Another glass of water is enough, and the third required an indispensable presence and contact with the mother.So always try to feel your baby, understand what it is living organism.And only then can you understand it perfectly, with poludvizheniya and prevent any symptoms and ailments, including hiccups.Well, if such a phenomenon can not be all of the above criteria, be sure to consult your pediatrician, who will pick up the medicine or tell a way to cope with hiccups.