How to firm buttocks to make them attractive

have beautiful and firm buttocks dream of not only women but also men.But to achieve the desired results can not for everyone.Many sit on different diets to enjoy massager, visit the solarium.However, these procedures are not enough to strengthen the most attractive parts of the body.Defined gluteal muscles in the short term is not easy.It depends on the anatomical structure of the body.

gluteal muscle consists of three layers.The main muscles of the buttocks average assigns thigh.Small muscles help take the leg to the side, and it also helps the gluteus maximus.Therefore, the load during training should be evenly distributed on all groups of muscles as well as the legs and lower back.In order to firm buttocks were always normal, should be carried out exercises squats (to increase the load, you can use dumbbells), leg curls, lunges forward.These exercises are desirable to carry out every day, it is possible during the morning exercises.

good workout to tighten the buttocks will be a run on uneven terrain with ascents and descents, but not long distance.If there is no possibility of such a workout - you can do jogging or walking up the stairs.Such movements also strengthens the leg muscles.Beneficial will act on the elastic buttocks and a variety of sit-ups, cycling or training on a stationary bike, jumping rope, skating or rollerblading.Such useful for the body movements can perform both women and men.

How to build muscles of the buttocks

There are a set of exercises that are able to influence the buttock muscles and make them resilient.Consider some simple moves that are feasible in the home:

  1. «Walking» sitting.The position - sitting on the floor, legs outstretched.Shifting buttocks should make slow movements forward - backward.
  2. «Useful swings."Standing on all fours, the shin - is perpendicular to the floor, alternately lift each thigh upward.
  3. «Penguin."This exercise is carried out, sitting on a chair and squeeze the ball between your knees.Clutching should be carried out for 30-40 seconds.
  4. «Lazy".Lie on the floor, legs bent to rest against the wall.Feet on the wall next step up - down, while the buttocks are lifted in two stages.

not look less attractive men elastic buttocks.But, unfortunately, exercises for the buttocks for men do not know everything.The most simple exercise, at first glance, but it is not the easiest - squats optimal weight or dumbbells.To fulfill his feet placed shoulder-width apart, barbell (dumbbell) is placed on the shoulders and run deep, slow squats before contact with caviar hamstring and buttocks with your heels.In this movement, there is one important condition: the direct and back strain.Do not tilt when squatting and rising.Such movements should be performed ten - thirteen times.Over time, the load increases.

Two simple exercises for men:

  1. squats on one leg.At the initial stage it is possible to take advantage of support for the further complication - take a dumbbell in your hand and remove the support.
  2. upgrades with dumbbells on a bench or a high platform.It is important to the correct execution of: going up, it is necessary to strain the muscles of the buttocks and not repel toe.