Medal of Ushakov: history and description

Medal of Ushakov was very popular award of the Naval Forces of the USSR's Great Patriotic War and subsequent times.The history of its creation and description of the subject of this article.

Medal was introduced as a combat award decision of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR March 3, 1944 after the decree has undergone many changes, and only at the end of March 1980 was approved the final sample coin.

Regulation on the award

Admiral Ushakov Medal validated awards for bravery and courage in defending the homeland in the naval theaters of hostilities.

This medal is awarded to soldiers and sailors, sergeants and corporals of the Navy and maritime border troops.

really takes to earn the Medal.Awarded the Medal of Ushakov, command management of many conditions.Here are some services for which the awarded medals:

  • marine protection of the state border;
  • fulfillment of the leadership of combat missions in parts of the Naval Forces of the Navy;
  • performance of military duty with a certain risk to life and limb;
  • directly for combat operations against the enemy.

Ushakov medal is worn on the left breast.If there are other military awards, it should be placed after the medal "For Courage".

History medal

Medal of Ushakov is actually analogue Infantry Medal "For Courage" is awarded only by her staff of the Navy.

initiated the creation and approval of the People's Commissar of the Navy medals of the USSR Nikolay Kuznetsov.The final decision on the establishment of the Commission of the Red Army took the medals.Decoration medal designed a group of artists, led by BM Khomich.Directly pattern designed the AL Diodorus.

during the Great Patriotic War, awarding the Medal of Ushakov were subject to the command of the Navy faces (fleet commander, squadron, artillery calculations, marine brigade and so on. D.).

Awarded the Medal of Ushakov

first Cavaliers medals Ushakov:

  • the Northern Fleet - Petty Officer N. Fadeev.He was awarded a medal by the decree of May 26, 1944.
  • the Baltic Fleet - the senior sailor AK Afanasiev.He was awarded a medal by the decree of 26 June 1944.
  • the Black Sea Fleet - Midshipman V. Stepanenko.He was awarded a medal by the decree of April 20, 1944.

the end of July 1945, according to the decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, was awarded the Medal of Ushakov 5 sailors of the US Navy.

There are cases where the medal awarded again.Double medal received PK treasure, VP Borisov, A. Fedorenko.

Description military award

Medal of Ushakov made in the shape of a circle with a diameter of 35 mm, in the center of the image taken by Admiral Ushakov, which is framed by a circle of dots (a total of 84).At the top of the medal circle affixed "Admiral Ushakov".Between these two words is a five-pointed star.At the bottom of the coin depicts two laurel branches.

Award is made of high quality silver (925-carat), the final sample with the block weighs about 35 grams.

If we talk about the medal ribbon, what it is made of silk fabric blue.Along the edges of the tape along the marked white stripes (2 mm each).The total width of the medal tape 25 mm.

medal has two options.The first was the main, they were awarded during the war years.After several medal upgraded.The second option awarded in the 80s of the last century.

Thus, we examined the history of medals Ushakov, learned the names of the soldiers who were awarded this medal.Medal of Ushakov was a very popular reward the soldiers, sailors and officers, rewarding it was perceived as a sign of valor, heroism and self-sacrifice.