How to cancel the order on Aliexpress.

It's no secret that the purchase of various goods via the Internet is becoming increasingly popular.Some people prefer to make acquisitions through joint purchasing, others opt for online shopping, while others prefer foreign sites with a large range of different vendors.An example of this trading platform is a Chinese website Aliexpress.


Deal with functional "Aliekspress" is simple enough.To make a purchase you need to register, select a product from a trusted seller, make a request to purchase and pay for it.The store, in turn, is obliged to send the order deadline.Evidence of good faith seller is given in the form of a special track parcels.

But shops often take the availability of e-mail.Because of this, they may indicate the buyer a track that will not be tracked.It can also happen that the mail site can be seen that the parcel is not to the recipient, the order, but in another country.It's a reason to start figuring out how to cancel the order on Aliexpress.Even in this case, return the money is quite real.

Cancel to checkout

When ordering goods, many click on the "Buy Now", without looking the other vendors offer.But seeing a similar product at a lower price at another store, shoppers are beginning to think about how to cancel the order on Aliexpress.If you have not paid for the goods, then nothing to worry about.Just forget about it.It will be in the list of unpaid for a specified time.Even if the seller will write you a letter with a request to pay for the goods, it can not react or respond to what you have decided not to make the purchase.

Do not worry and look for how to remove the order on Aliexpress, this happens automatically.No sanctions for unpaid purchase online is not provided.

Cancel purchase

little harder to deal with what to do if you change your mind after purchase to make the payment.Immediately it should be said that trying to deal with how to cancel the order on Aliexpress, in the first day after the payment does not make sense.At this time, all functions are disabled, there is a check payment.

Immediately is to say that the reasons for refusal could be more.The first one: the seller said that the product is no longer (as an option - has risen in price), and it can not send it.In this case it is better to wait until the end period allotted to send purchase.If the store does not specify a track, it will return the money to the buyer automatically.As practice shows, it takes place within 2-5 days.

But if you for some personal reasons, decided to make a cancellation of the order on Aliexpress, then you should expect that the seller has not yet sent the order, and he wants to meet you.In this case, on the order page you must click Cancel order.It comes only a day after the payment.It is important to consider one thing: money will be refunded only if the seller approves the cancellation.But he can write that has already sent the order, then you will just have to wait for a parcel or open debate.

better to try to negotiate with the seller through the personal correspondence.If he has not yet sent the parcel, it is likely that he would agree to cancel the order.Deciding to abandon the purchase, do not pull the time, write to the seller as soon as possible, then you will be more likely that he will meet you.

reasons for disputes

money dealer on the trading floor "Aliekspress" received only after the expiry of the period allotted for the delivery of the goods, or once the customer has confirmed its preparation and does not intend to return.During this period they are blocked in the system, and the customer has the chance to get them back.To do this, open the debate.The reasons for it may be the beginning of the following:

- the track is not tracked for a long time;

- in the postal system indicates another place of receipt of goods;

- delivery period comes to an end;

- produced goods do not conform to what the buyer expected.

This is not an exhaustive list of reasons to think about how to cancel the order on Aliexpress.Immediately it should be noted that the problems with the administration of the tracks very closely related, and unscrupulous sellers are penalized.

refund after receiving the goods

If the transaction went smoothly, but the quality or functional features do not correspond to those indicated in the declaration, to cancel the order on Aliexpress after payment and receipt of goods is quite real.To do this you need to open a debate in which all claims must specify the confirmation deficiencies goods.This can be done only up to the moment when the timer expires countdown.

If in 16 days you can not resolve the issue with the seller, and you do not close the debate, he transferred to the complaint.But it can be done manually, it is enough to click Escalate Dispute.After that, the administration of the dispute to intervene.Already on its decision will depend on whether your money back for poor quality goods.But even if the administration sided with the seller, and you are sure they are right, its actions can complain.

options refund

Many buyers are interested in the question of how and when the money will be refunded for the product in case of failure of the transaction.Back they do not come very quickly, usually, this process may take a couple of weeks.Of course, if cancellation on Aliexpress occurred due to the fact that the seller did not send the goods, you expect to receive the money, you can have a couple of days.

return the funds to where payment has been made.When calculating the credit card, they will drop back to the account when transferring money through electronic payment systems - they will return the purse.