How will the "Android" on a laptop?

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Members who like the operating system "Android" installed on smartphones and tablets, with each passing day it becomes more and more.This is due to its ease of operation, beautiful and friendly interface, the availability of an incredible array of free games and applications in different directions, as well as a number of other factors.Another issue affecting the growing popularity of this operating system is that it has open source software than favorably with the creation of "Apple" called iOS.When iPhone users there is a need to break their devices using the jailbreak, to install any updates for those who prefer to "Android", just install any interesting version.You can even get acquainted with the workings of the operating system without buying the device on which it is installed, this can be installed on the computer.

And that is why some users become interested in how the work will be "Android" Laptop?You can look into the matter and consider the installation and operation of the subtleties of the OS.

To start

So, if we talk about how to install the "Android" on a laptop, it should be noted that the particular difficulties this should not occur, but just need to meet certain recommendations.You need to download a virtual image of a disc called Live CD Android, or Live USB Android, the first burn to any blank, and the second can throw the stick to test on your computer.If the operating system to your taste, you can then set it as your second computer.

installation process

If you want to use the "Android" on a laptop, you can do it simply and quickly.First, you must go to a special Internet resource called Android x86 Project.There you have to find and download the latest file from the system "Android".Now you can create a boot disk, which will require to use the program to burn CDs, such as ImgBurn, Nero or Ultra ISO.And when this is done, you can insert the disc is recorded in a computer drive.The operating system should be loaded in the "live CD", selecting Life CD, for it is worth looking at the first menu item, which involves starting the system without installation.

Life CD mode allows you to install the operating system on the computer, or as an alternative to the already self-installed Windows or Linux.In addition, you can download the virtual disk image USB, which enables you to easily run "Android" on your laptop or computer.

installation on a flash drive or memory card

For this purpose, the carrier is required, which amounts to 256 megabytes, is inserted into the computer.You should delete all files or just to format the media now need to download and install the "Android" on the USB flash drive.To do this on the download page of the operating system must scroll through and select the appropriate profile, and then click View underneath.So you start downloading the ISO image.In addition, useful to you a special utility designed to create a bootable USB drive UNetbootin.

When all downloads are complete, run the downloaded utility.After you select to DiskImage is required to press the item "...", and then select the ISO-operating system file, not so long ago you downloaded.Next, you will be required to choose a memory card or USB flash drive, which you have chosen to use for this purpose, and at the bottom of the dialog box click "OK".The utility copies the files on the disc you have selected.When the process is finished, the program will ask to leave or restart the computer.If you decide to just run "Android" on a laptop, you can click on the restart, or just need to get out, to run the operating system from a USB drive when you want to.

Using Android-x86

now possible to launch this exciting operating system on your device.To do this, you must restart the device connected to the USB-drive, and then choose to boot from it.Since not every laptop will begin immediately to boot from a flash drive, you need to enter the menu, change the boot options located in the BIOS.Now, when the disc is loaded with USB, you must select the Live CD, so that will be launched "Android" without any reboot.Before the system is booted, before you there for a few moments the Welcome screen.And then the loading screen appears "Android" on a laptop.


Just a few seconds required to appear in front of you desktop system.You can get quick access to applications on the Home screen or open the menu, which hides a lot more options.The system works quickly and very well.You can even download new applications, although this launch they will be installed for only one of the current session.Now you know how the installation of "Android" on a laptop.