Where in the «Windows 7" "Run" hidden?

In this article describes where «Windows 7" "Run» can be found.In previous versions of the operating system, this command is located in the root directory of the "Start" menu.But the developers have decided to make a change, and now it is so easy you will not find.On the other hand, this decision is fully justified: an untrained user is using a command window, can cause significant damage to the computer system.


In «Windows 7" command "Run", as in previous versions, is used to perform various commands.For example, «ping» allows you to check the quality of network connectivity by sending and receiving data packets.Another version of its application - is «regedit», which allows the built-in operating system registry editing.Also from this dialog box, you can run a command line by typing «cmd».The list is endless.But this window are well-trained professionals who know what they are doing and why.But intervention is poorly versed in this matter by this system may lead to failure of the personal computer.So to use this window must be approached very seriously.

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menu «Start»

Though the main menu "Start" the command was removed, it still remained there.Now it moved inside to an untrained user can not harm the computer system.To execute this command, you need to go to the following address:

  • button "Start".
  • then go to the section "Program".
  • Then find the "standard."
  • submenu to find "Run".

Then we will open the desired window.This is the first answer to the question of where in the «Windows 7", "Run" is.As seen from the above said, major changes have occurred.Just this team moved deeper into the "Start" menu."Run" in the «Windows 7" hidden in order to increase the reliability and security of your computer.And this decision is quite justified: now starts and poorly trained user so simple in this window will not fall.


As in earlier versions of the operating system, "Vindovs 7" hot-key combination, designed purely to perform only this command.Using it, you can quickly and easily open this dialog box.One of them was designated «Win», but no keyboard keys with
designation.An inexperienced user it introduces confusion.Some even try on the English keyboard layout to type series «Win».And everything is very simple.Behind this abbreviation hides logo key operating system (it is usually in the lower row between the «Ctrl» and «Alt», sometimes even duplicated on the opposite side of the alphabetic keypad).The second of them - this is English «R» (from the English word «Run», by the way, in the English version of the operating system that window it is called).Therefore, the second answer to the question of where in the «Windows 7", "Run" is to be the next.Click once «Win» and, without releasing it, «R».Then remove your hands from the keyboard.The window "Run".

Summary In this article was answered on Voros on where in the «Windows 7", "Run" is.These two methods work fine in this version of the operating system.But the first one is strictly linked to the "Vindovs 7" and other versions not working.And the second - the universal.It works in all the versions of the operating system of the corporation "Microsoft".It is recommended most often used in practice.Another plus it - the speed of execution.It is enough to press the key combination, and you're done.But in the case of the "Start" menu will have more time to spend.