Development of social-ethical marketing - an indicator of a healthy society

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Just the notion of ethics defines a set of unwritten rules, conditionally accepted for execution in a particular society.It is clear that in this case we are not talking about laws, binding under threat of punishment, but also the ethical standards accepted for execution in the community socially responsible people.Of course, that kind of code of ethics exists in all areas of human activity, including in trade and economic relations.So have a place to be commercial codes that have been adopted by certain international bodies such as the International Chamber of Commerce, which determine the order of interaction in the field of entrepreneurship, competitive relations, marketing and other areas.

social-ethical marketing - an indicator of a healthy society

such a thing as social and ethical marketing determines the degree of responsibility of the business, in particular, and society in general, to the citizens and consumers.It is clear that the existing, as a rule, non-profit and non-government (and some state) organizations need to achieve their objectives in the charter to promote their services in the community through a variety of marketing techniques.I am sure that many of us paid attention to the television on so-called social advertising.Whatever the negative as a whole against the background of advertising in society (annoying interrupting television broadcasts), but everyone understands that such marketing in the social sector is necessary and justified.The state should actively promote socially important brands and ideas.No less active should be involved in this, and nongovernmental organizations.Suppose there is a fund that can help the hard of hearing, but he did not pursue an active advertising policy.How do people in need of assistance will be able to learn about it?There is no doubt that the social and marketing oriented society in the social field must be present in politics and not very large commercial structures.This refers to the support of the poor, children, people with disabilities, etc.

Ethics in the relationship of seller and buyer

social-ethical marketing means not only the interaction with society (or a portion thereof, such as children), but also with each individual customer services or any products.Social foundations of marketing in this case, apply to the relations in the politics of each individual company or manager to clients.For example, we can analyze the following life situation.As a rule, the design is relatively expensive deals contractual agreement.Any member of the business is well aware that the vast majority of consumers, if it is definitely not a VIP-person, poorly versed in the nuances of the law and the contract may not understand, or rather the consequences of signing it.For this reason, social and ethical marketing involves the exclusion of any tricks to thus obtain an additional profit or to put the customer in a more stringent conditions, such as lending.Of course, from a legal point of view, such actions of companies or individual managers is not a violation, since the ability to read the contract, of course, available.Another thing that is known in advance - many do not, as a consequence, to sign.It is for this reason that the social foundations of marketing must be cultivated among companies, suppliers of products and, above all, services.It is this attitude characterizes a truly healthy society.