How to make a schoolboy on the Internet without being distracted from their studies

Too many young people still at school, already want to earn: someone had to be more pocket money and some saving up for future training or a new computer.However, according to the laws, which contains a "Labor Code", the employment of people under the age of fifteen years is strictly prohibited.This is called the exploitation of child labor, and quite significantly punished.But while no one forbids schools and other educational institutions to attract people from 14 years old to work "to prepare."This, of course, easy to work, do not interfere with learning, and not harmful, and is possible only with the consent of the parents.

can, of course, hand out leaflets, selling sim cards, arrange well the city, selling their own crafts and creative skills.But how to make student on the Internet if you want to work in the evenings during the week?There are several ways, and it all depends on literacy, education and student performance.

Firstly, there are special portals, telling us how to make student online and start a career.To find them, just google, information on the weight of the global network.If you manage to find a job on these sites, it will continue to use the skills and earn very good.

Reality earnings in the Internet is not in doubt, if the student is able to do something interesting or unique.It can be anything - from crocheting skills to the blacksmith.Making things you can sell online, using, for example, "Fair masters": Create your own shop on "fairs", it is possible to find buyers.However, it is a way for skilled, lucky and patient.But it provides an opportunity not to be distracted from their favorite hobby, and do, not looking up from school.

But the most reliable way of making money - is to work freelance.It's enough to be sufficiently literate and be able to write coherent, interesting texts.Well, ideally, of course, be educated and well-read man.At freelance sites, you can take the job and getting paid, without tying himself to any particular customer or to a permanent schedule.We just need to do the job and quality take it in those terms, that the customer specifies.Sites such quite a lot.Here's how to make student online is not only easy, but also safe.The only thing you need before you start to have an e-wallet, the best in the system Webmoney.

Well, if the necessary skills are missing or not at all, then you can resort to more primitive, but much less reliable way to pay.This is especially surfing the Internet, that is Clicking and commissioning of control numbers.It's boring, dreary and brings a very small profit.How to make money online student?Try affiliate programs.That is, find yourself a blog, keep it and actively untwist.And in its place the advertising sponsor pages.The popularity of blogs, the more visitors, the more contributions from sponsors.And, of course, remains on paid work forums as an interlocutor, communicating and getting paid for each message.

But the latest methods, of course, is very ineffective.To earn a lot of money, you have to be savvy in many subjects, competent, capable and talented person.And for this you need to study, study and study again, as bequeathed unforgettable leader of the revolution.That he was exactly right.