Perfect couple.

pretty rare people one zodiac sign manages to fit in with each other, especially in a loving union.Nature demands that people do not similarity and complementary and cover the weaknesses of each other.However, this rule there are exceptions.It is about the relationship between a man and a woman, born under the sign of the twins.

Male twin female twins extremely similar to each other, but this does not prevent them all the time to admire each other and discover something new in your partner, because this sign is a symbol of the infinite flight of fancy.The union of two twin side may seem crazy.In this pair there will be nobody to land of dreamers, and therefore, their lives will be composed of ups, downs and fantasies.It is not always successful, it will be like a fascinating game, and thanks to its fantastic plot, the union can successfully exist for many years.

gatherings, however, a pair of male twins - twins woman long enough, but if they had come together, the union will be strong enough.Communication begins on the basis of mutual interest, caused by the fact that those two really fun to spend free time together.Over time, the twins realize that it is hard to live without each other.And so with humor and joy they take a very important decision - to spend the rest of your life as a couple.

Despite its inherent chattiness, people born under the sign of the twins, stored in his soul a lot of secrets and things unsaid.In general, despite the seeming simplicity of nature, the twins are one of the most difficult signs to understand.That is why a woman so hard to tame twin-man - it just before the end it does not understand.Only a woman, born under the same sign, knows that men like twins, and can reward them with this.

Both partners perfectly able to guess the very moments when a loved one is rolled so characteristic of the twin attacks of sadness.But they will not try to find out what was the matter, because the twin sometimes does not know what he is eating.They just support each other in difficult times with the same ease with which will work together to have fun.

And a couple of male twins - twins woman will live a very fun and violently.Since the sign is not in vain considered to be wind, numerous intrigues as the one and the other side will be happening quite often, but until it comes physical proximity will not.All this will be marked by scandals and subsequent forgiveness.Partners will once again come back to each other, because they can not live without a deep understanding and communication between them is adjusted.

Despite the high level of confidence, a couple of male twins - twins woman - this is one of those pairs, which is full of secrets.Partners always remain a mystery to each other, perhaps, and lets them over the years to remain together.And it is not that the twins are afraid or do not want to tell their secrets to each other.Simply, there are things they will not trust anyone, not even the closest person.

course, this pair has its drawbacks.Such as, for example, the inability to think clearly and progressively equip a life together, and levity and inconstancy.However, true love easily overcomes these obstacles, which ultimately have no impact on the happy union.After all, if

ask questions, with some signs compatible twins, it turns out that this unusual sign of windy live well only with their own kind and with other signs supports either acceptable or not the acceptable ratio.This once again shown its originality and mystery.