Spell seven stones

If you feel that the clouds are gathering around you that was hard to live, or you are anticipating unpleasant changes in their lives or in the lives of people close to you, then here's advice on how to avoid it.

Analyze all the "pros" and "cons" of your situation and answer the question: What do you fear most?As soon find out, start to act.Say to yourself, "Yes" in the shower, and then you will succeed.Be warned that carry everything you read below, you have a great faith and a desire to make it just the way you want.This should be done very quickly.

find seven all the stones on the road and on foot, not sitting in any transport, walk to the nearest bridge, turn your back to the water and jerked throw stones into the water with the words: "Seven stones come together in a circle, and trouble my take, in thiscircle is not so, it is my misfortune (tell me in your own words what you fear the most) a trifle! "Then you should say what you want in reality, that is how it must end - for the benefit of you or your loved ones.Complete all the words: "So be it! And it will!"

You can ask not only for themselves but also for their relatives or acquaintances.But, remember, do not take on more than you can bear.

Next you need to quickly return home to find the house thing, which is related to your problem (it can be a picture, any household items, important documents, which will depend on the fate of yours or close your relatives, and so on. D.).Take a raw egg, light a candle, put the thing in front of you and a little hold the egg over a fire, ride clockwise on this thing for five minutes.Here again are asking is what you seek.After that it is necessary to make the egg out of the house without breaking it.If broken, it is a bad sign.Egg should be buried in the ground as far away from home, and always under the tree with a male name (for example, oak, elm, poplar, etc.).When you fill the egg the earth, do not forget to draw a circle around some metal object and say the spell, you have uttered, throwing stones into the water.After this, hold your hands under running cold water and forget about that problem.That you had.Try as little as possible to think about it and do not remember as much as possible.The less you think about it, the better the result will be

Articles Source: Zoe Zolotukhin.Monetary magic Rituals