Amulets against the evil eye and damage to his hands.

All kinds of amulets and charms for centuries used to protect against the impact of the methods of black magic.Current examples of such items are not much different from those that were made by our ancestors.Of course, the amulets against the evil eye and spoilage, made with their own hands, are considered the most powerful.

safety pin

There are many types of protection against the dark forces.And the simplest and most common is the subject of a safety pin.Her cling to the wrong side of the garment in the solar plexus, and the head should be facing down.This amulet should be checked and inspected daily.If metal suddenly change color or darken, then pin absorb some negative effects.In this case, it should be replaced immediately.

«Eye of God»

What can make amulets against the evil eye and damage their own hands?From the traditions of the Slavic peoples to the modern society has reached an interesting amulet which is made independently.The basis is the cross.To produce necessary to take two short sticks or branches and put them in the form of a cross.On his wound yarn from natural wool of different colors.This amulet is called "God's eye."His hand directed to the four cardinal points, thus protecting from the effects of the dark forces, no matter where it came from.Also, such a construction of the amulet is a symbol of the reunification of energy.


created amulets against the evil eye and spoiling their children's hands often hung over the cradle.With this house often filled with other elements for protection.To avert the evil eye from the child when he is at school or anywhere else, can be made a small amulet with his hands.It is important and the material and the energy charge, which gives the subject.Amulets better to make a 6 or 16 of the month.For example, you can take two scraps of fabric and a small piece of thin ribbon.From the material must first pull up the oval, then you need to wrap a piece of his second on the principle of changing your child.Top doll is necessary to tie a ribbon pattern.

followed by Ward put his right hand.Left need to christen the subject after reading a prayer over him the Blessed Virgin Mary.Further, it should give the child and ask no one to show.Also guardian should always be with him.Energy mother, who made a guardian, the child is able to deflect any negative impact.

How do amulets against the evil eye and spoilage own hands: photo and description

very strongly considered amulets, which are made of bone, tusks or claws of wild animals.In ancient times, they were very easy to do, because men went hunting and the women butchered prey.Since other applications, such as canines do not come up, they began to use them as a protection against evil spirits.Those who believe in the power of amulets and now, feel free to use these items.Of course, today it is easier to buy.However, those involved in hunting, will not be difficult to make an amulet manually.Fang and Claw is framed by a metal or leather and hung on the harness or chain.Wear is usually in the neck, but you can also use it as a transmitter belt.Thus, the protection will always be a man.

herbs and acorns

What can make amulets against the evil eye and damage to the house with your own hands?For example, from grass.Traditionally, in European countries, housing is often protected from negative energy using plants such as hawthorn, thistle, oak leaves and acorns.Enough even a twig, its strength will scare evil spirits.Therefore, these amulets made to hang above doorways and windows.

bouquet of herbs associated red thread, you can put in a vase on a windowsill or near the threshold of the front door.If a person with an evil thoughts said in the house, this will serve as a barrier to ward rites of dark magic.Acorns will be convenient strung on a thread and hung above the main entrance.This will not only scare away the dark force, but also pleasing to the eye.

Garlic and Rowan

Slavs also decided to keep the house in May flowers of mountain ash.To enhance the power of a talisman, a branch of dried and wrapped with a red thread.After which it can be suspended by the window or again above the entrance.Also, a branch of rowan berry good to add to the bouquet of thistles and wheat, it is necessary to tie a red thread, and put in a vase.

At the bottom should put garlic cloves.In fairy tales, virtually all known this powerful talisman, often used in the houses.Garlic is usually decorated with shutters house and hostess apron.Such amulets against the evil eye and spoilage, made with his own hands, hung not only at home but wore himself.The heads of garlic are woven into a bunch and hung on both sides of the window.Also served as a powerful method of protection necklace.Garlic tied thread and worn around the neck or fasten around the waist.The Slavs believed that the trouble could be taken, touching him in a moment of danger.In modern society, this amulet hardly find its use.However, hang it at home it is quite possible.

Red Thread

What are still made amulets against the evil eye and spoilage his hands on his hand?For example, a red yarn.This is not just a segment.Red thread should always be made of natural wool.This color is a powerful protection against the risk of different types.Wear thread should be on the left wrist, because this party is the host for the physical and spiritual body.Tie guardian must at seven knots, this should be done with the help of someone close, trusting relationship which is unshakable.Wearing a scarlet thread, you need to give yourself a vow from now on not only do bad things, but also to clear his thoughts from all evil.Plain yarn does not have special powers only if it charged its own energy.The best option - the thread brought from Jerusalem.Ideally, if the craft Kabbalists.Wearing a red thread, a person undertakes to God to live by its laws.


can make amulets against the evil eye and spoilage of beads with your hands.Getting manufacturing, you need to tune in a positive way, and to drive away all bad thoughts.It depends on the direction of the charge energy potential talisman.Also note the color of the beads.For example, red, yellow and orange is considered to be the most powerful protection against the evil eye.From these shades can be made of any pattern.The proposed design has the form of two hands, inside of which is a pearl.For making will need a piece of cloth, beads 2 or 3 colors, thread and a special thin needle.

outline of a palm embroidered in yellow, and the basic fabric - red.It can be the other way around.In the middle, at the junction of the palms should be embroidered circle.Its middle is to perform a contrasting color.Then, stepping back from the edge of the picture, you need to cut it.Fold in half and the back of the seal in this position.For the center of the circle, you can hook the harness and hang it on the neck.


Made amulets against the evil eye and spoilage own hands unusually strong his power.Which object is used as such, it is of secondary importance.To give Ward a force should be to produce it, being in a good mood and reciting the prayer.