Which Hawaiian Island archipelago is the most beautiful?

Hawaiian Islands are known for their beauty.In the vastness of the Pacific Ocean is a chain of 24 large islands and over 100 smaller ones.Most of them are uninhabited.The island of Hawaii is the largest holding up to 62% of the land area of ​​the islands.All of them have their own unique beauty, different terrain, weather and representatives of flora and fauna.

Formed this paradise in the middle of the ocean as a result of volcanic activity.Today, part of the volcanoes are extinct, and some - sleeping.Volcano spews lava flows Kilauza almost continuously since 1983.It's time to find out where is the island of Hawaii.


In Hawaii heat because they are located on the edge of the tropics.The intensity and amount of rainfall in the region depend on the prevailing winds.Dominated by north-easterly winds, so the northern and eastern parts of the mountains and volcanoes receive more rainwater than the opposite side of the island.

winter, rainfall is significantly higher than in the summer.Nevertheless, even in winter, cloudy weather on the islands - a rarity.Clear weather prevails here, so do not be afraid of being caught by a string of rainy days.Therefore, the island of Hawaii attracts many tourists.

season storms and hurricanes on the islands lasts from June to September.Strong winds raid in Hawaii on the north or north-east.Bad weather originates from the American coast and is moving towards the archipelago.In a way the vast majority of hurricanes have time to significantly weaken.But the residual force is sometimes still palpable.Tropical storm brings Hawaii much trouble.The main blow falls on those who are deprived of the shield volcanoes and rock massifs.


From the north to the archipelago sometimes looming giant waves of the ocean expanses.The tsunami severely affected the city, located on the banks.Some bay able to concentrate the shock wave effect in a small volume.As a result, the city constructed in such bays are regularly being destroyed by a natural disaster.

But the above-mentioned dangerous weather phenomena are rare.Therefore, it is not necessary because they neglect a visit to this paradise on earth.Many visitors come to love this place and come back here again for new experiences.

Outdoors is usually not hot.The temperature throughout the year is at the level of 25 ° C.In winter - about 20 ° C, and in the summer - about 30 ° C.In winter, on the tops of volcanoes may even snow fall.This phenomenon is probably related to the exotic.


Gentle waves of the Pacific Ocean and the bright sun, sprawling palm trees and menacing volcanoes, black sand grains on the beach in the Gulf of Paunaluu and white beaches elsewhere, rounded boulders on the banks and a lava tunnel, as well as many bright and attractive colors.Aborigines sell orchids on weight, because they grow everywhere.

the archipelago's largest island - Hawaii.It is particularly beautiful nature.He wore a lot of endemic plants.At this point, volcanoes erupt regularly, creating new land.Remember that vacation in Hawaii is fraught with danger due to the volcanic activity.

two volcanoes are not sleeping.Molten lava rising from the depths, spreads over the surface and then slides from the shore into the water and there congeals.This process leads to a gradual increase in the land surface.After another powerful eruption turned the natural park.It was called "The lava trees" because of the red-hot mass flow passed through the bowels of trees and other plants, and they formed a stone shell.

Golden Sands resort on the shores of beaches attract

its golden sands, blue lagoons beckon stunning views and humid and warm climate has to rest.In the mountains, tourists can admire the views of the canyons, high waterfalls and unusual nature.And on the ocean waiting for their diving, surfing and swimming.

Among the ridges and islands have private ownership.On one of these private islands can be accessed by invitation.Such an invitation gives you the opportunity to feel like Robinson and live in a bamboo hut.There are about two hundred of huts in different parts of the island.Tourists like the island of Maui.Hawaii - a picturesque place, many have not been touched by civilization.

Hawaiian alphabet consists of only twelve letters.The official language is English.The islands can be heard everywhere: «Aloha».This word is very common and has many meanings.So we called Tower in Honolulu.

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanic activity, which lasted for a millennium, has created these islands.The ecosystem also developed a kind.The park is an active volcano Qilué.

Do not miss the opportunity to look at the huge canyon Wyman.It is on about.Kauai.For many tourists organized by the platform from which you can contemplate the wide valleys, majestic cliffs and gorges.They attract many tourists who flocked to Hawaii.Island volcano is really beautiful and unique.

Haleakala National Park

Maui Island (Hawaii) is also a national park.Untouched nature and the yellow beaches merge together in this incredible place.Tourists love to visit the Hosmer Grove, where a small area of ​​land coexist harmoniously rare trees.It Maui is the most beautiful island of the archipelago.

Local beaches are renowned for warm clean sand.The most popular beach, located in the Gulf of Konolua.Tourists can always try his hand at scuba diving, snorkeling and other forms of active recreation.The coastal area of ​​some two hundred meters in length.And it is not only beach, worthy of your attention.

Botanical Gardens Kauai

This generic name includes several small gardens.The island of Kauai is famous for the local cave Fern Grotto.It is popular with honeymooners who organize the wedding ceremony here.To get it is not easy: you have to go by boat on the river.Wailua.But the impressions received are worth.Be sure to grab the camera, going to the island of Hawaii.Photos turn out juicy and rich.

These places are famous for filming the popular movies:

  • "Jurassic Park."
  • "King Kong."
  • "Indiana Jones."

Museum Bishop Museum, located in Honolulu, is both cultural and natural.Gather historical information about the island and the Pacific as a whole can be an example of over 1 million items.Island of Hawaii has its own cultural centers.

Lahaina Heritage Museum will tell the details of the life of the whaling village of legend.He is one of the most interesting and fascinating museums.Learn about the history.Kauai can be in the museum of the island of Kauai, which is located in Lihua.Be sure to visit the island.

capital of Hawaii Honolulu gives travelers the opportunity to visit the Royal Palace, which is only one in the United States.Second name it - Iolani Palace.It was created for the ruling people of the islands.The building retains all the attributes inherent power of kings, a huge library and the royal mansion.

Who does not know the military base at Pearl Harbor?She is also on the islands and is a monument to the war.I am proud of all the citizens of the United States.


Fun festivals are an integral part of the Hawaiian Islands.One of the beaches of.Oahu is the traditional venue for the festival for lovers of ethnic music.It performed folk songs with a guitar.The audience is required to see the folk dances and will receive information on the traditional culture of Hawaii.Visit this festival can be the whole family.

Kona Slack Key - a fun festival, which is dedicated ukulele.This small guitar - traditional musical instrument on the islands, which has spread throughout the world.

Going on vacation in this paradise, do not stock up on warm clothing, as the house can leave the business suits.From the coolness of the night and the possible weather you will protect the light windbreaker.Keep in mind that the majority of the population speaks English.Hawaii will always attract tourists from all over the world.Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit them, Ride, without hesitation.Not only will you relax and see the beautiful underwater world, but also enjoy the wildlife.Especially nice to spend there honeymoon, they will remember for a lifetime.These islands can be safely called a heavenly place.