Like the stars: Kate Moss Diet

40-year-old British actress and supermodel Kate Moss is known as one of the highest paid models of the 1990s and 2000s.This woman is known all over the world, admired both male and female half of humanity.Kate extraordinarily beautiful, this looks like to have every girl.Thin hands, beautiful legs, hard abs, the ideal waist - as it has achieved such results?

Much attention Kate Moss pays its own diet, thanks to which, and keeping your body in optimal shape.

worth noting that the famous model enjoyed by several diets, one of the main is just a detox diet.It is based on a significant reduction in calories, so the body is cleansed of toxins and excess fat removed.In this long to sit on such a diet is strongly not recommended, otherwise you can get sick from anorexia.

Menu Kate Moss during this diet:

Breakfast. morning model prepares a drink from an apple which is whipped in a blender with the water.The drink is not added sugar.

lunch. can eat only one tomato and one apple.

Lunch. prepared vegetable soup.For dessert, you can consume food fruit salad and drinking orange juice.

Snack. You can drink a cup of tea with sugar or sweetener.It is allowed to use an orange.

Dinner. evening you can eat squash puree, and eat kiwi.

addition to complying with this diet, Kate Moss is engaged in activities that also helps her keep themselves in perfect shape.

habitual diet British model:

As mentioned above, the detox diet is not for everyone and not for every day for a long time.

Another diet Kate Moss is to gradually lose weight, it does not become anoreksichkoy.The very day the supermodel says she never hurt anorexia, and always keep your figure and health under control.It may be advisable, and all the girls who dream to look like moss.

Sample menu daily diet:

Breakfast. can make an omelette.On another day, eat an orange and make a drink from the fruit.

Lunch. Fresh vegetables, suitable as a soup.On another day, you can replace meat soup bulym.

Snack. drink or fruit drink sweet tea.

Dinner. evening you can prepare a fruit salad.Other days fit fresh seafood and vegetables.

This diet can also be adjusted at its discretion, the main thing - is to observe the general principle of the diet.No food after 18 hours and no fatty foods.Diet even allows some relief in the form of snacks during the day, but should refrain from this night.

Now every girl can look as beautiful as Kate Moss.Do not forget to consult with experts about whether it is possible for your body to comply with such a diet.

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