68th Venice International Film Festival ... Celebrity recommend hotels and restaurants ...

August 31 started 68th Venice International Film Festival, which runs until 10 September.

course, that the protagonists of the venerable age International Film Festival will be actors, directors, and most of the time they spend together with the audience in cinemas, where they are expected, including, and the premiere of "Faust" by Alexander Sokurov.But after the spectacle, as usual, can not do without their daily bread, and that's where you can taste, as well as where to rest after a day full of impressions, thoughts and enthusiasm prompt celebrity taste you can rely on.The star has a list of the new facility and Francis Ford Coppola (Francis Ford Coppola), and a hotel that once for a fully leased Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp).

So, in Venice itself during the festival, you can dine in the fine restaurant in the bistro style «Naranzaria», which is located at the very end of the Grand Canal and which is owned by the heir to the Agnelli (Agnelli) - Count Brandolini d'Adda Brandin (Brandino Brandolini d'Adda).Here experts recommend to try the carpaccio of swordfish with wine «Friuli», made in nearby princely vineyards.Recommended dining at the restaurant «Quadri» on the Piazza San Marco, of course, pre-booked a table there.This is the new place in Italy, which look very much like a celebrity.

on Lido Island, where it will unfold the cinematic action, Italian director Tinto Brass (Tinto Brass) - well-known for the films "Caligula" and "My Love" - ​​urges visit «Osteria Al Merca», which serves delicious mostfresh fish that you can eat in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.As for hotels in Venice, in this case a better guide than George Clooney (GeorgeClooney) is not found.While his favorite resting place is on the island of Como, in Venice, he also has a favorite place - a bar in the hotel «Cipriani», where the cost of a 2-bed room starts at $ 1.350 (hotelcipriani.com).

With this bar is able to argue only one - bar in the hotel «Excelsior» at the Lido.A few years ago the bar «Cipriani» Clooney invented a cocktail called «Buonanotte», ie,"Good night" - cranberry vodka, mixed with ginger and cucumber - which has taken a strong position in the menu.Now the hotel itself.According to Clooney, this hotel has the charm of "old Hollywood".100 rooms, including suites, - a combination of modern chic environment plus vintage mosaic and marble.The undoubted advantage of the hotel is its protection from paparazzi as he is on a private island and you can get there only by boat away.

For those who prefer more modern design, it is better to take advice of Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp): when he lived in Venice during the filming of the movie "The Tourist» (The Tourist) he rented the whole hotel «PalazzinaGrassi» 26 rooms(note that the cost of a single room of about $ 500).

Eighteen months ago, in this hotel, which is located in the palace of the 16th century, underwent a major renovation, and now there are a lot of elements in the spirit of the French designer Philippe Starck (Philippe Starck), a fan which is Johnny Depp - transparent wardrobes, lotsMurano glass, bizarre shapes and unusual combinations.

During the festival «Palazzina Grassi» expected influx of celebrities of the highest caliber, as it was last year, when at the rooftop bar of the hotel often appeared Quentin Tarantino (Quentin Tarantino) and Harvey Weinstein (Harvey Weinstein).

If someone is after the film festival in Venice, do not want to go home right away, and pleases pokolesit in Italy, then in this case too, there are recommendations celebrity.Director and owner of hotels in Francis Ford Coppola decided to return to his roots in Basilicata, in southern Italy, and opened in the village of Bernalda, perched atop a hill, the newest of its hotels.It is from these places Coppola's grandfather immigrated sometime in America.«Palazzo Margherita» - a historic 18th-century building converted into a hotel Coppola just 12 rooms, the cost of the 2-bedded rooms of about $ 575.

Here, no doubt, will be opened and a restaurant for gourmets.The reconstruction of the palace took place with the active participation of the French designer Jacques Grange (Jacques Grange).The hotel opens directly these days.And the reason for this most solemn and magnificent - 27 August there was a wedding the daughter of director Sofia Coppola and Thomas Mars composer (Thomas Mars).Adding that some scenes of his film "Somewhere» (Somewhere) filmed in Sofia «Palazzo Margherita».

now go to the eternal city of Rome, where now the American director Woody Allen (Woody Allen) makes a film "Bop Decameron» (The Bop Decameron) with akteramiEllen Paige (Ellen Page), Roberto Benigni (RobertoBenigni) and Penelope Cruz (Penelope Cruz).Journalists have paid attention to the fact that the director often looks into the restaurant «Piperno» at Monte de Cenci 9, the well-known dishes of Jewish cuisine, where, for example, artichokes fried whole.

If someone wants to look at a lot of beautiful people in Rome, gathered in one place, then it is best to go to the new stylish restaurant «Elle» - a favorite place for Italian actress Clotilde Kuro (Clotilde Courau).

As for hotels in Rome, the celebrities, aloof pesky paparazzi, prefer those that are located in a secluded area.These include the boutique «Babuino 181» with only 14 rooms and cost 2-bed rooms $ 315, and the hotel opened just a year ago in the palace of the 15th century, «Gigli D'oro».Attraction of this hotel are the six rooms completely white.

And we conclude our brief tour of the pre-festival in Italy in the famous wine region - Tuscany, where you can enjoy the wines of Chianti, Nobile de Montepulciano and Brunello di Montalcino, which are issued on the basis of the local grape Sangiovese.It is said that a better hotel than the «Il Pellicano» on the Tuscan Riviera, you will not find.The hotel was opened in 1965, its history is so nice and interesting, that she devoted a separate book, which you can find great vintage photos tanned Douglas Fairbanks, Jr..(DouglasFairbanks Jr) and designer Emilio Pucci (Emilio Pucci).The hotel with 50 rooms is located on a cliff, framed by cypresses, there is a private beach and a swimming pool with sea water.The cost of a conventional 2-bedded room from $ 540.Most recently visited the hotel famous guests - American telestsenarist and producer Darren Star (Darren Star) noted here its 50th anniversary, and the actor Graydon Carter (Graydon Carter) stayed here one weekend in July.All guests are unanimous in saying that this hotel combines modern luxury and delightful retro charm, the perfect place to relax.

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