The best people's car.

various automotive publications annually conduct surveys among motorists.The main purpose of these rankings - to find out the popularity of various car brands.In such ratings has several nominations.Normally select the best people's car, family car, top cars.But on our roads not often see high-end automobiles.Let's find out what are the models and brands are popular among ordinary Russians.

People's Car

These cars are cheap, unpretentious and quite hardy, and more economical.The first truly national brand in our country is considered a "Zhiguli".This symbol of the Soviet era are still numerous in the amount of moves on Russian roads.This car has grown more than one generation.By the way, every country has its own national car.

can argue, it is one or another brand of popular cars.But we will not do that, and see the ratings of authoritative publications.

10 most people's cars Russia

According to the popular men's magazine, these machines are not looking for any fire or police.They are looking for people, ordinary Russians.In this ranking are the most popular cars in the opinion of a popular search engine.

This rating indicates what models of interested residents of Russia most of all.Of course, they do not completely cover the pattern of sales.Because manufacturers are not able to provide the desired amount, and buyers do not have to wait a year or two, and bought another car.Still, let's see.

«Renault Duster»

This machine was to replace the popular among the people "Niva", "Chevrolet" and other Jeeps lowest price category.It is a cheap SUV parquet.The machine, in spite of the price, according to motorists has quite robust suspension.It is believed that it is the work of no less than foreign cars.Producers also wisely came to the choice of engines.The choice is given a 120-strong petrol engine or 90 hp diesel.

build quality level.At meree slightly better domestic cars.Just a year these machines produce on Russian capacity about 80 000, and turn it is four months.

«Lada Largus»

This is the most spacious car people.In "Largus" easily accommodate 6 people (except the driver).The design of the machine is not new, it is a modernized "Logan".But motorists rely on this model.At "AvtoVAZ" car is collected separately, on its conveyor and assembly pays great attention.

«Volkswagen Polo»

It is the most popular car in Russia.This claim is not only automotive publications, and motorists themselves.It is believed that the German automotive industry still managed to put on Russian roads is something not killed.

example, "Volkswagen Polo" (sedan) - is the ideal vehicle for Russia.The model is based on the fifth generation Polo, hatchback.Assemble in Kaluga.This model has a very good demand from motorists.

on the exterior car people quite rigorous and concise.The design is very similar to other models of this manufacturer.Seeing the body, it is difficult to say that this is a budget machine.Look completely harmonious.

See "Volkswagen Polo" somewhat larger than its hatchback cousin.Engineers slightly increased wheelbase.In general, this sedan is one of the largest in its class.Longer base allows to allocate more space at the rear.The trunk is also a rather big, it's a family budget model.

This sedan built by German engineers for the Russian realities.The car passed adaptation to our roads, our weather and fuel.Increased ground clearance, galvanized body, a reinforced suspension, climate control is designed for low temperatures.The base model is equipped with heated seats, as well as ABS.

In this version, this machine completely fulfills all the money that customers put into it.Even without the additional options "Volkswagen Polo" looks and works the same as it is solid foreign car.So right away and not say that the model budget.

can say that the "Volkswagen Polo" - a people's car.Even more popular is the "Golf".

UAZ "Patriot»

This car earned a fourth place in the popularity rating.Motorists are interested in machine design after the change, when to replace the front panel, climate control, radio.Also of interest in this model fueled a new 2.2-liter diesel engine from ZMZ."Patriot" - an honest, people's SUV with a cost of 500 000 rubles.The machine has an acceptable comfort on the track behaved not quite perfect, but in more severe conditions it can leave any dirt.

«Opel Astra»

machine took the number of sales.Mainly sold well the previous generation of machines-class golf.Also popular new versions.The car is going here in St. Petersburg.The model is positioned as a budget family car.

«Renault Logan»

These machines at one time and if you have not arranged a car revolution among the low-end models, it certainly set the automotive world in the most uncomfortable position.

model originally positioned as a budget for the inhabitants of Eastern Europe.However, later on the model under the brand Dacia has become popular everywhere.This people's car roomy enough, very good quality.And in general, this is an extremely successful model, particularly in view of its value.

recently released a new model "Logan", but even the most powerful model with automatic transmission can afford any Russian.

«Lada Grant" - the most affordable "state employees»

It is quite affordable people's car in Russia, besides one of the best-selling.Granta has managed to ignite much interest.This sedan splendidly in the top five in sales.It is an economical, compact model.The price of this budget sedan is quite attractive, which makes it an excellent choice for many Russians.

«Grant" bears no resemblance to other models of "AvtoVAZ".It's different and it is worthy of serious appearance.Bumper quite expressive, large headlights allow the machine to look quite respectable for its class.

The interior is simple, but quite attractive.There is even an air conditioner, but the front panel is framed quite ascetic.

seats are good, comfortable pillow is long enough, so the driver and passengers will be able to evaluate their worth.The trunk has a rather big size, which suggests that the "Grant" - the family car.

The car is available in three trim levels.This "standrat", "normal" and "luxury".Standard with 13-inch wheels, interior fabric, insulation, air bag for the driver, immobilizer.

The top of the range car has ABS, rear windows, alloy wheels, climate control and multimedia.

machine is quite safe, and ride quality is quite good for its price.In addition, some models are equipped with automatic transmission.

«Hyundai Solaris»

This manufacturer also presented the budget model of the car.It can also be considered folk.The machine is a direct competitor of the car "Volkswagen Polo".

Machine started to produce in 2011 in St. Petersburg.The market is presented in five trim levels.Basic will cost 400 000 rubles.

«Solaris" chetyrehtsinidrovymi equipped with petrol engines with multi-point injection technology and a system of continuous variable valve timing.Manufacturers claim that fuel consumption is about six liters.

also equipped with energy absorbing car body of good steel.As standard equipment the rear window is heated washer reservoir level sensor.

company recently conducted a survey, which was to show the best car of the line producer for the Russians.People's rating of cars showed that the best representative - is Solaris.This machine is also listed in the all-Russian rating.

Car of the Year

As part of the research project "Ratings Car of the Year" participants, ie, the people chose the most suitable cars for the title of "The People's Car of the Year."The selection criteria are different, as well as a nomination.We choose the family, the most practical, brutal and female car.

Choice occurred among 452 models that are officially available in our markets.Thus, women's cars in the lead - "Deo Matiz".Among the family cars in the first place "Ford Focus", the second - "Lada Largus."The most practical car - Solaris by Hyundai.

Vernacular car

popular models of cars among motorists also get a nickname or just people's names.Sometimes these alternative names to reflect the essence of the car.

example, "Chia Seed" motorists called not only as "shoe."Audi A8 has received the nickname of "string bag"."Honda Accord" is popularly called "accordion".Most people's car "Volkswagen Golf" was nicknamed "the toe."