Who will solve the puzzle with matches

Very often subtle and seemingly quite minor things can be done to develop the intellect more than the special targeted actions.Learn playfully - that's the best way to education, non-burdensome and interesting.An example of this approach can be called any puzzle with matches.

Why matches

medicine and psychology in one voice say about the relationship of brain areas and biologically active points on various parts of the body.The hands in this case, namely palm, - the zone of greatest accumulation on the surface of the body.The phenomenon, called fine motor skills, this is the stimulation of brain activity by perebiraniya small items.

But it is not only in the hands touch them?Many objects are absolutely identical in shape, length and width, color, attracted by the fact that they give a boost to the imagination.After the match itself almost neutral, dull and inexpressive.Of these, you can create combinations and composition group at its discretion.And then every match becomes a meaningful part of something whole.

How to put rubbish in the picture shown in the scoop, shifting only two matches?And in fact, you need to pass only one match, and the other only slightly move to the right!This simple puzzle game with matches decides not every adult, and in fact may be a glitch in the wording of the job.

directed to that method

Puzzles with matches aimed at the development of all types of thinking.Excellent training imaginative, logical and spatial thinking - this is the result of this accessible and useful entertainment.Mindfulness and the ability to think are essential for the successful solution of problems of this kind.

in early childhood when the kids are not yet available matches, puzzles with matches, answers inquisitive children can get from adults.Parents may choose to create a fairy-tale stories of Matchbox figures.This prepares the child for the next stage of development and the independence of logical reasoning.

decision more complex puzzles become available in the further development of logical thinking.Very popular puzzle equality with Roman numerals:

VI - IV = IX

necessary to shift one match, so that the equation has become true.There are two possible answers:

1. V + IV = IX

2. VI + IV = X

Or even more difficult equality:

V - IV = VII

answer is removing the root of unity:

V- IV = √I

What you should pay attention

must be remembered that the matches are quite dangerous subject for children in the absence of proper attention by adults.Like any small or sharp objects, match can cause injury of the ear, eye or be accidentally swallowed.Therefore, safety training on the handling of the matches must be preceded by games or training with their application.

possibility of variability is an important moment in the classroom, where used matches (puzzles with matches).Answers need not be strictly fixed, though there are definite answer.Thinking outside the box, if the result is achieved, it allowed and even encouraged.

expected results and indicators

Apply for intellectual fun and learning lessons from the matches you can, starting from the age of three, with the direct participation of the adult.Especially interest in such riddles and puzzles children of primary school age and adolescents.It plays the role of a competitive spirit, and activities can be carried out in the command form.

Puzzle type "create a figure" or "rearrange match" valid for younger children, when a child less assiduous.Here ideal job requiring rearranged several matches to achieve the opposite result.For example, running or staring into a certain aspect of the animal in the picture below mentioned, may, at the shifting of matches to turn his head or run in the opposite direction.It's simple: just swap matches, forming the head and tail.

More complex puzzle with numbers and complex geometric shapes are more suitable for students.Change the result of arithmetic operation, or create a figure of the numerical value can only be familiar with numerical combinations or having logical thinking.For example, "9 + 0 = 6".To obtain the desired result you need to pass only one match.

There are two options, as shown in the picture.Can the first digit, 9, to shift the match, made her six.Result: 6 + 0 = 6.And it is possible in the six after the equals sign to shift the match, made her post.Result: 9 + 0 = 9.

Games based matches are universal.This puzzle with matches can be included in the program of home study and use as elements of extra-curricular activities.But it is impossible not to mention the fact that once again growing in popularity because of match puzzles, they began to offer developers of mobile applications.So now you can train your intelligence, not looking up from his favorite devices, the addition of a puzzle with matches, which is very important for today's generation.